Sole Fitness R92 Recumbent Bike Review

Sole Fitness R92 Recumbent Bike (New 2013 Model) Review

Recumbent bikes, such as the Sole Fitness R92, make a great alternative to upright bikes. They are becoming increasingly popular in both home and commercial gyms.

The build quality of this Sole Recumbent is first class and it would not look out of place in a commercial gym or a home.

As you are sitting while exercising then there are less concerns about joint issues, you can have a great intense yet impact free workout.  I have been riding recumbents for years, and this one looks like one of the best.  Price wise its reasonable, for a high end quality recumbent. We have managed to find it with a great % Discount:

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Our analysis of the Sole R92 bike:


At the heart of the Sole R92 is a heavy, and well balanced fly wheel.  At 12kg/26lb its a good weight and offers a great balanced feel to the rider.

To challenge you there are 20 levels of resistance to push through during your workout.  The resistance is delivered via magnets, so its smooth and reassuring when increased.


Starting in the saddle, or seat.  You can start relaxing straight away, with a deep and comfortable saddle.  With a very supportive design, and deep adjustable back, you can be sure to find an ideal riding position.  With adjustment you should find a position that does not put any additional stress on your lower back, ensuring a pain free workout.


On the subject of comfort, the pedals have a nice feature. They are angled slightly to an optimal 2 degree, combined with the adjustable saddle, there will be no issue with riding this bike for upto an hour without discomfort.

ConsoleSole Fitness R32 Console

If you are the type who needs to know exactly what is happening during a workout, the Sole R92 is equipped with an onboard computer.

This, via its 9″ screen, will feed you metrics such as:   Calories burned, distance traveled, heart rate (Heart rate monitor is included), in addition there is the on board MP3 player.

What are other reviews saying about the R92?

“It’s been a great bike. Easy to use and has a a great feel to it. Many stationary bikes tend to feel cheap. This bike is very comfortable if you ride for a long period of time.”

“The shipping and assembly were no problem. The unit itself is well made, smooth, and comfortable.”

Any issues with this bike?

This is a great all round recumbent.  There are no real weaknesses, apart from the fan which as with all cardio machines is not much use.  When buying this bike you will need to consider the power options.  It does need to be plugged in, so its worth finding a location near an outlet.

Alternatives to the Sole R92:


Measures 30 by 50 by 57 inches (W x H x D)

152-pound weight
300-pound weight limit

Controls & Features

  • Semi-recumbent platform
    Adjustable seat and handlebars
    Six standard programs
    Two custom programs
    Two heart rate programs
    Nine-inch LCD console
    Built-in fan
    Pulse grip heart rate monitoring
    Chest strap heart rate monitoring compatible (strap included)
    Custom, oversized pedals
    ECB resistance
    MP3 compatible sound system
    Water bottle holder

Promotion Video of the R92



This is a good sized piece of equipment, made from high quality materials.  If you are looking to step up your workouts then this would make a great choice.

At this level we expect bikes to be near perfect, and fan aside I think Sole have pulled it off with the R92 Recumbent.

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