Proform Hybrid Trainer Review


By combining the benefits of an exercise bike and an elliptical into one, the ProForm Hybrid Trainer reviewed here is incredibly versatile.

This is the only product that offers the experience of cycling and low impact elliptical training into a single package, all available for under $400.

Is it perfect for home use, or have ProForm made to many compromises to achieve this?  On the face of it it looks good, there is a reasonable number of exercises and resistance levels.  However we would like to see a little more stride length, and the pedal action takes a little getting used to.

To convert the Recumbent to an elliptical there are a few easy steps, simply drop the large easy to use pedals (adjustable forward and back), then move the console up out of the way and you are set.

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Our Full in Depth Proform Hybrid Trainer Review:


At the heart of all ellipticals is the fly wheel.  More expensive products feature heavier flywheels, due to their ability to store energy and smooth out the motion of the elliptical path.  The Proform Hybrid Trainer sports a heavy weight flywheel that gives a good solid feel to the ride whether you are standing or in the saddle.


A strong start, there are 14 levels of resistance available, from a light warm up to an extremely challenging top level. Whatever your fitness there is a level here that will challenge you.


To ensure that your workout varies and you don’t quickly get bored of the same exercise again and again, the ProForm has 14 pre programmed workouts already for you.  My favourites are the rolling hills ones, where the resistance builds up 2-3 times during the workout.

Each program has been designed by a Qualified Trainer, so they are all safe and easy to use.  Each workout is designed to achieve different goals, such as strength, endurance, weight loss etc,

Stride Length

At 15″ this is a very short stride length, and I would not recommend it for anyone over 6′ tall.  You will feel that your knees have to come up quite high.  However with a well designed elliptical path this motion soon becomes natural and comfortable.

The reason for this short stride is of course the cycling.  When you are in the saddle you will soon realise how much more comfortable a 15″ stride is compared to a longer one.


The revised console is compact yet easy to read, showing all the feedback:   time, resistance, calories burned, heart rate (via the handles)  Strangely it does not record distance.  Only the number of revolutions are shown.

With the heart rate you are able to keep your training within the target heart rate zone (80% of HrMax) or the fat burning zone (70-80%hrMax)

The LCD screen is a little old fashioned compared to some of the more expensive models on the market, but it does show all the data clearly and is easy to navigate.  You will need a battery to operate the console, however this is the only power needed to run this machine.

Comfort and Ease of Use:

Because this is also recumbent the saddle is a nice large padded seat.  Far more comfortable than an upright bike for example.  The saddle is fixed so as not to get in the way of your elliptical use.  However you can easily change the pedals to fit your reach.

When the workout is over there are a couple of wheels at the front that allow the bike/elliptical to be moved out of the way.

Great for Weight Loss

One of the strong features of this Elliptical/Bike is that its perfect for those looking to lose a few pounds.  With a weight limit of 350lbs it can take a fairly high weight, and if you are at the higher end of this scale riding a recumbent bike is one of the best exercises there is to kick start a fitness program. As strength and fitness improves then you transition to also using the elliptical giving you a diverse set of workouts without investing in more equipment.


Home assembly is required, and might take two people 2-3 hours depending on experience.  All the tools are included, however you would definitely benefit from a quality tool box of your own, partiality a powered screwdriver and a socket wrench.  If you take your time it will come together without a hitch.  You may need to invest in a small tube of silicone grease to keep the parts moving smoothly over time.


Not particularly generous: This Hybrid Trainer is backed by a 5-year frame, and 90-day parts and labor warranty.


  • 69 x 23.25 x 58.75 inches
  • 144 pounds (shipping weight)
  • Max User Weight: 350Lb

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ProForm Hybrid Trainer User Reviews

The Hybrid Trainer has been well received by consumers, on Amazon alone its average rating of 4.1 out of 5 from over 90 reviews.

“Two great machines for one price!,”

“Very sturdy machine. Can hold up to 350 pounds!”

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Any Issues?

A couple, the stride length is really short, one of the compromises for having both the bike and elliptical combined

The backlight on the console is not strong enough, if you like to workout in a dark area then you may need a lamp to see it.

Proform Hybrid Trainer Features:

Proform Hybrid Trainer Review and Best Price

Proform Hybrid Trainer Video

Proform Hybrid Trainer Verdict:

If you are tight on space or on a budget then this Hybrid Trainer from Proform makes a great choice.  While its not perfect, at less than $400 its hard to complain about the small details.

ProForm Hybrid Trainer Review Summary: