ProForm 300 SPX Indoor Cycle Trainer Review

ProForm SPX300 Review

The ProForm 300 SPX Indoor Cycle Trainer is the Fitness Lover’s Fitness Bike

The ProForm 300 SPX Indoor Cycle Trainer is the ultimate fitness cycle for both people who are just starting out and those who have been riding every day. This model has all the features necessary for a great workout and brings them all together in an ergonomic design that offers plenty of options for adjustment. The ProForm 300 SPX is protected with a 5-Year Frame Warranty availible via Amazon and accommodates up to 250 lbs.

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The Benefits of Exercise BikesProform SPX300

Exercise bikes are a great choice for a home workout machine as they require little room, can

be wheeled out of the way easily and allow the user to watch television or read a book while they ride. Having the machine in the home also comes in handy during a hectic schedule or when unforeseen circumstances make going to the gym impossible.

This convenience, combined with the very real results people receive, is why fitness bikes have survived the test of time while other fitness gimmicks died on the road. Weather can stop you from riding outside and it can even keep you from making it to the gym. Sometimes people even find their own excuses not to leave the house for a workout (not you, of course). But, when it’s sitting in the other room, there’s no excuse to not wheel out your bike and put some mileage on it. This indoor cycle comes with a 5-Year Frame Warranty and a 90-Day Parts & Labor Warranty.


An Ergonomic Design That Targets Muscles and Saves Your Back

Even though fitness bikes are great, the ProForm 300 SPX Indoor Cycle Trainer has still managed to separ

ate itself from the pack. For one thing, its non-slip handlebars are lower, bringing them almost in line with your hips when you ride. They’re adjustable, too, so you can bring them down even lower if you like.

This angle gives you the ability to really target your glutes and leg muscles better than the traditional workout bikes that have you sitting up straight. You’ll get a more effective workout in less the time. There are also five handle bars in total: one running parallel to your hips and the other four running parallel to the wheel. This configuration gives you the freedom to place your hands where it’s most comfortable.

Your back also catches a break with this ergonomic design as the weight of your upper body is shared between your arm and shoulders (the forearm length handle bars give you plenty to lean on) and your butt and legs. Sitting up tall on an exercise bike works just fine until you start curving your spine forward. It’s easy to end up doing this when the handle bars on your bike are between your hips and shoulders. So although you might end a ride feeling great and standing tall, you’re bound to pay for it in the morning. Exercise should give you a better body, not a trip to the chiropractor.

A Smooth and Stationary Ride


Although the The ProForm 300 SPX Indoor Cycle Trainer looks great, it can still hold up to 250 pounds and the commercial-grade steel frame comes with a five-year warranty.


The pedals feature toe cages that hold your feet secure, providing you with a more comfortable workout as you can push yourself to the limit without worrying it will push you to the floor.


The ProForm 300 SPX Indoor Cycle Trainer also has a forty-four pound flywheel that keeps your pedal strokes smooth and steady, so you’re not jerked around as you increase your pace. Just because this bike looks like it would be great on the road doesn’t mean you should have to wear a helmet.

Go Harder for Longer

ProForm SPX300 TransportIf you’re a seasoned rider or you become one after spending some time on your ProForm 300 SPX Indoor Cycle Trainer, you might begin looking for a tougher workout. Luckily, you don’t have to put your living room at an incline to get more in

tensity out of your routine. That’s because this fitness bike comes with a wool felt resistance system that allows you to increase the pressure applied to the wheel making it more difficult for you to spin it. With just the turn of a knob, your pleasant flatland routine has morphed into a grueling climb up the mountainside.


If you’re just starting out, the ProForm 300 SPX Indoor Cycle Trainer is a great bike to begin with. It’s an affordable price and offers you a smooth, secure ride while you get used to riding. At the same time, those who have been peddling for years will find an ergonomic design that begins reversing years of back strain while providing custom resistance to get the most out of their ride.

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