Horizon Fitness EX-69-2 Elliptical Trainer Review 2022

Horison EX-69-2 Review

If, like me, you are looking for a smooth comfortable workout, with a well designed machine then the Horizon Range is well worth considering.

The Horizon Fitness EX-69-2 launched recently builds on the previous model, and is now one of the best choices at the $799 price point.  This is also our recommendation as replacement for the Livestrong LS8e Elliptical that has been recently discontinued.

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Horizon Fitness EX-59 Elliptical TrainerWhy consider the Horizon 69-2 Elliptical Bike?

If I was writing this review a couple years ago, writing about the older Horizon Models then it would have been a no brainer.  Go Schwinn.  However Horizon have really upped their game, applying a design model based around user comfort and experience.  We will see the effect of this in each category.

This Ellipticals Features include:


Comfortable Stride Length

A good stride length  is for me where most of the comfort comes from, 20″ seems to be the sweet spot for most users.

In addition to the perfect length we found the motion to be both, very smooth and natural.  This is because hidden away in the heart of the machine is a decent set of mechanicals and a good heavy flywheel.  This makes the ride smoother, especially over the top of the elliptical movement when there is resistance high.

Forwards and Backwards Handlebars

We like being able to mix up our workouts, so it was great to find that we could use this elliptical in a number of ways, using our arms and legs, just legs or for a real killer just our arms!

Not only that but the machine can run backwards and forwards so all our muscles can be worked out!


The Horizon has 20 levels of electric resistance.  This means there is not a huge jump in the levels between each stage.  The electric resistance means that it will feel the same every time.

If you want more then there is an incline built in that will raise you up and make the workout harder.  The down side is that its manual and you will have to configure it before you start your workout.

Modern Clean Console

Horizon EX-69 Console

We like the look of this smart console mounted to the frame. Providing all the buttons in a clear and easy to understand way. To control the 10 programs, there are some quick buttons under the green LCD display.

The display shows your progress through the workout on a simple running track.  All the details you need are visible, Speed, Distance, Time, RPM etc.

If you like the programs there are plenty to keep you interested:   3 target programs (calorie, time, distance), 3 workouts (reverse train, mountain and rolling) 3 custom programs and a 31 day goal training program.

The number and array of programs is good, and the same as the livestrong.  However the schwinn trumps with 29 programs.  Although many of the Schinn programs are just repeats, or easier versions of the main program.


If you are brave, and have a spare pair of hands, then home assembly is actually quite straight forward.  You could opt for a company to assemble for you, this would cost about $200!  I would be spending that on an upgraded model.

In the clip below Horizon go through exactly how easy it is to set up one of their machines.  If you decide to go for it then it should take no more than a couple of hours to put together.

How to assemble an Elliptical Video


Other Features

In common with most ellipticals the EX-69-2 has a few extra surprises up its sleeve.  The built in fan is actually rather good.  Even the speakers are OK for this level.  Simply plug in your iPod and off you go (much safer than having cables running to your ears!)

Any questions about the Horizon?

  • Running forwards and backwards: 
  • This machine can be used to run the feet both forwards and backwards, and the display will notice the change and not stop as  a result.
  • Power: You will need to provide a wall socket for this machine, no batteries.  There is a 6″ cord included, so any further will require an extension.
  • Headroom: The footplates are 15″ from the floor, so you will need to add your own height to this to find your clearance.
  • Holding an iPad/Magazine: There is a ledge on the console that will hold both. The disadvantage is that the screen on the console is covered.
  • Wheels There are some transport wheels, however this is a heavy unit and care should be taken when moving!


This elliptical comes with a lifetime frame and brake, and 1 year parts and labor warranty.  This the same as the Horizon, and considerably better than the Schwinn.

Comparison Table with other ellipticals:

Other ellipticals at this price include the new Schwinn 470 and the Sole E25, you can find all of our elliptical reviews here.  Read on to see how the Horizon Elliptical Stacks up!

Schwinn Horizon Nautilus
Stride 20 20 20
Fly Wheel Weighted 14.3Lbs 23lbs
User Weight 300 300 300
Programs 29 10 10
Frame 10 Years Life Life
Mechanical 2 Years Life on Brake
Parts / Labour 1 Year Electrical Labour 90 Days 1 year 1 Year
Rating 4 4 4




What are other reviews saying about the Horizon EX-69-2?

Surprising many with its quality and performance the EX-69 has developed many fans.  For the price its one of the most capable ellipticals on the market:

“great elliptical – especially for the price”

“We love it! Well worth the cost. A sound machine.”

It has been bought by everyone from fitness instructors to beginners.  Everyone likes the good build quality and comfortable running.

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Where should you buy the Horizon Elliptical?

There are a couple of options here.  The first is to go direct to Horizon, they have good customer service and even offer interest free finance on this model.  The second is Amazon, their customer service is exceptional and offer the same price as Horizon including free delivery.  If buying new these are the best two choices.

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Our Verdict on the Horizon EX-69-2:

For me there is no contest. The Horizon Elliptical looks slick and professional.  It has all the features you need, and a solid warranty to go with it and at this price does not waste your money on anything unnecessary.  Combine the fantastic price point, decent build quality and  flexible programs its hard not to go for the Horizon.

Of course this is an expensive product, and while we are experts on ellipticals, we only have so long to use them.  We would recommend reading some of the longer term user reviews such as those on Amazon to get a real feel on how the EX-69-2 Elliptical is to live with long term.

Horizon Fitness EX-69-2 Elliptical Trainer Review Summary:

  • SixStar Certified platform, low 10-inch sure step step-on height, cool fit fitness fan
  • 14.3-pound flywheel, magnetic brake resistance, 1-20 electronic resistance range
  • 20-inch FLATellipse foot path, oversized footpad with traction edges, 300-pound user capacity
  • 10 program options, Goal Center workout tracking, contact grips, sonic speakers with MP3 input and headphone output
  • 300 pounds user capacity, Lifetime warranty for frame and brake, 1-year for parts and labor