wwe 2k22 universe mode spreadsheetwwe 2k22 universe mode spreadsheet

I guess maybe something with the wwf logo because of world wrestling federation making sense? Rey Mysterio's 2K Showcase, the return of GM mode, and the introduction of a new feature called MyFaction . You can download the excel sheet here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1th8UfbFeobeTdLMWdKVkticVkI have been working on Universe Tracker tool for about 3 . WWE - 30/10/2021's Female Superstars. Non-assigned superstars are included at the bottom. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. How would I go about making new Brands or replacing the one's listed? Become an official Channel Member!https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3OW0vsfYhy3y1wsbqBSZzQ/joinMERCH STORE: https://my-store-11464497.creator-spring.com/Fanscustom Customized Jersey:https://fanscustom.com/?utm_source=AssembleUse code \"Assemble\" to get your jersey 10% OFF!Love Wrestling Goodies? Here's my fairly straight forward, rather simple Universe tracking sheet. Hes a fan of the San Francisco Giants and 49ers, and the Philadelphia 76ers. WWE 2K22 sliders are the settings that dictate everything that happens in matches aside from MyFaction, which has its own difficulty setting built in from the grappling success rate of opposing wrestlers to how often run-ins occur. Load a saved game. With more than 160 Superstars available at launch and another 28 coming soon in the form of DLC, players really are spoiled for choice when it comes to selecting a wrestler in WWE 2K22. So yeah a little confused but the concept is great. Just doing my normal all-CAW universe mode. NEWS RINGSIDE REPORT . WWE 2K23's makers speak about its Universe mode WWE 2K23 will have a much-improved Universe mode. Does anyone know, if the AI will move people between divisions based on performance? So I made one big single show in exhibition style! Drew McIntyre, Seamus, Jinder Mahal, Finn Balor, Shinsuke Nakamura, Santos Escobar, Samoa Joe and Apollo Crews. 8 Fantasy Card Building. 7 of those are normal defensible belts (Universal, Universal Super Heavyweight, Universal Stable, Universal Tag, Universal Mixed Tag, Universal Cruiserweight, Universal Hardcore). A place for keeping track of the Royal Rumble match. In Universe Mode, gamers essentially take control of the entire WWE calendar. A way of viewing the calendar and weekly schedule, and making weekly plans. Universe was working fine for me yesterday but then suddenly all arenas for every show revert to Raw 2019, no matter how many times I try changing it, resetting it or restart the game. Universe Mode starting Tag Teams corrected, ____________________________________________________________, Roster Overview: (Do not make changes here). I've always just used a notes app on my phone but it's not great for tracking much beyond the current storylines - as anything else makes it too cluttered and difficult to sort through. Detailed Superstar View: (Changes when adding superstars only), A more detailed view for looking at individual superstars (descriptions for each superstar TBA). Required fields are marked *. We appreciate all the work. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. Useful for creating matchups and seeing where people are on the card. As a result, several characters from the previous games are acknowledged in 2K22's MyRise mode. A way of organizing your rosters and seeing them all at once. Each promotion has 4 titles (1 major single, 1 tag, 1 minor single, 1 indy single), although NXT has 5 (with 2 indies). When you do, you also need to manually update the dropdown list on this sheet. WWE '12 allows players to make edits to their shows, rename them, and customize almost every feature. More importantly, the game's Universe Mode features a variety of cutscenes, winning and losing streaks matter and affect a wrestler's morale, and injuries also play a significant role. I use a lot of customization so I try to use as much of the included content as I can (at least all that makes sense for my Universe), so that influences some of my decisions such as arenas/shows, brands, rosters, etc. Brock Lesnar defends against Seth Rollins, SMACKDOWN WWE CHAMPIONSHIP Press the labels to change the label text. Plus others such as WCW Eddie and Rey returning who I had as Caws. WWE, WCW, and NJPW are the 3 major men's promotions. so Lacey evans won MITB and Im trying to apply the briefcase to her under the EDIT CHAMPIONSHIPS & MITB tabsi choose a slot then select a briefcase but then the target championship stays stuck on WWE CHAMPIONSHIP and I cant change it to a female title to assign it to Lacey, anybody else having this problem? WWE 2K22 > General Discussions > Topic Details. Show Schedule View: (Do not make changes here). The universal alliance hosts 2 multi-week/day mega shows each . And how to book matches, do I need to type in every match that I do or does the spreadsheet book, or..? Jeb Let's find out the best way to have a great time with the Universe Mode in WWE 2K22! However, for seasoned veterans of the series, the default settings may not prove to be any challenge. In every sense of the word, you are in charge of everything. Is there a way to get rid of the superstars I don't want to use? Rebounding from the Regression of WWE 2K20, WWE 2K22: MyGM Guide and Tips to Win the Season, WWE 2K22 Roster Ratings: Best Mens Wrestlers to Use. By WWE/WWF . If adding a new superstar, heres some things to know: For some reason, columns C and H are independent of one another and are both for noting faces and heels. When it comes to making WWE 2K creations, this one will truly make your Universe mode transcend space and time. WWE 2K22 Roster Placement (ALL DLC) WWE PPV's. AEW Roster 2020 Up to Date. Click 'Save/Download' and add a title and description. Its based on how matches tend to play out in WWE. Lastly, the sliders above are based on normal singles and tag team matches. Their main competition in recent months has been from Black and Haku, but the LWO have also returned (psicosis, Juvi, Metalik, Dorado, and No way Jose) and been causing them issues. Platform: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Wrestlers who are stunned, especially in multi-person or multi-team matches, will stay stunned for long periods, usually resting on the outside. Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza with Santos Escobar in a tag match, AJ Styles def. I track ppv matches, title history, and winners of Royal Rumble/MITB. The other 6 are more like trophies and are awarded once per year at one of the 2 universal mega shows (King of the RIng, Queen of the Ring, Andre the Giant Memorial, Fabulous Moolah Memorial, Iron Man, Iron Woman). Tips & Tricks For Universe Mode In WWE 2K22. But yeah you can remove anything listed there.If you want to remove any thing under the ratings, there's a column on the right named "number grades" which is what the ratings columns pulls it's data from. Some like to strike a good balance between difficulty and entertainment while others seek a more realistic game. 2K Showcase Mode: WWE 2K's playable documentary has been a series highlight. With 2K19 fast approaching, I'm looking for a better way to keep track of Universe Mode. Universe Spreadsheet/Tracker. Entrance Run In: This is an option . Hi guys, Ive just spent the past couple days finishing up the work that needed doing on this spreadsheet that came out a few months ago. We are randomizing events on WWE 2K22 Universe Mode! ECW has some originals (Bam Bam, Sabu, RVD) and a lot of guys who dont get used much on the WWE shows (Oney Lorcan, Pete Dunne). WWE 2K22 brings with it a few big gameplay changes. Ive always just used a notes app on my phone but its not great for tracking much beyond the current storylines - as anything else makes it too cluttered and difficult to sort through. Modify tier labels, colors or position through the action bar on the right. It is recommended to generate one event per brand per in-game month. Very high effort, thanks for sharing this! I am currently also using the PC game "Pro Wrestling Sim" to help with other ideas such as who gets title shots, who starts rivalries, who gets a new gimmick, who gets a new storyline, etc. Regardless, these sliders are the best place to start for a realistic gameplay experience in WWE 2K22. WWE 2K22 is a video game based on the professional wrestling promotion WWE. Here's the link to Copy/Download for your own personal use. With 2K20 finally coming to an end, and the hype for 2K22 being very apparent, I've spent the past few months working on and off on this Universe Mode Spreadsheet I wanted to share. Worker Size (column K) automatically updates Size (column L), Nationality (column N) automatically updates Flag (column O), Renders are all the way to the right, and are added via Insert -> Image -> Insert Image in Cell. Much has been said about the return of the General Manager Mode in WWE 2K22 and its entertaining Showcase Mode featuring Rey Mysterio. Posts: 3. As far as rivalries go, I have to wait to see how 2K22 handles rivalries because I stopped using them in 2K20 because it was more work than it was worth and it got old real fast). WWE 2K23 Has Been CONFIRMED! Every WWE Superstar and Legend has a persona that sets them apart from the rest. So here it is, Universe Mode Tracker.I suppose you could also use this with FirePro or any other wrestling game, though it does have the default 2k17 roster built in (you don't have to use them, they're just . That way you can keep track of whoever is one each brand, stats, etc. __________________________________________________________. They alsosend their best to the 2 universal mega shows. With The Miz winning. I will be doing 4 pay-per-views, The 5th Annual Wrestling Classic (Sunday, 6th of November), that is my version of Wrestlemania, Battle Lines (Sunday, 17th or 24th of April), Fever Pitch (my July pay-per-view), and Bar Room Blitz III (my January pay-per-view). This time players could include their own customized arenas, there is a distinction between major and minor TV shows, and the create a Pay-Per-View feature made a return. Players can create their shows, include legends to have one more run at the title and dominate or include their created Superstars to take on the likes of Brock Lesnar, John Cena, and Roman Reigns. For the actual booking, yes you want to type any match or promo you have in the "segment" column. Get a realistic experience in WWE 2K22 by using these gameplay slider settings. HOPE YOU ENJOY & LIKE THE VIDEO :)As we begin a new Journey, in Universe Mode.LIVE In Tampa Bay! Ric Flair is hislieutenant for Raw Sgt.Buddy Lee becomes hislieutenant for Nxt and Dusty Rhodes becomes Bischoff'slieutenant for Smackdown while Eric Bischoff and the whole nWo are running things on Shotgun Saturday Night or now named Wcw Saturday Night. For example, each promotion has a Money in the Bank themed show where the winner gets a title shot at anytime they wish, each promotion has an elimination chamber themed show in January and the winner gets a title shot before May, each promotion (other than WOW) has a survivor series themed show with the main event being a stable vs. stable match and the winner goes to the semis of a mini stables tournament at the June mega show, each promotion has a royal rumble themed show and the winner gets a title shot at the promotion's year end show in November and also the last few runner-ups automatically go to abattle royal in the December mega show, etc. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. So the NWO pack will help with that. e.g Raw, Smackdown, ROH, Impact, Dynamite. Damien Priest defends against Jeff Hardy, VELOCITY CHAMPIONSHIP Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Due to all of the changes, returning players may find some of this information useful too, so it might be worth giving it a quick read-through. Per page: 15 30 50. and on Shotgun Saturday Night Mr.T is the Authority figure for the men and Debra is the Authority figure for the women. The cream of the crop comes at the end of the . Plan being Roman winning to go into 22 until an Albert caw appears. We out here WWE 2K22 style.#wwe2k22 #wwe http://external.hmphry.com/universe/Macho T: https://www.youtube.com/@ItsMachoTDenkOps: https://www.youtube.com/@DenkOpsJohn Blud: https://www.youtube.com/@newLEGACYinc Support Pulse on Patreon: https://patreon.com/cmpuls3Stay ConnectedTwitter: https://twitter.com/cmpuls3Instagram: https://instagram.com/jamesdizarnellTwitch: https://twitch.tv/cmpuls3Second YouTube: http://pulseinprogress.comDEADLOCK: https://deadlockpw.comTikTok: cmpuls3WWE 2K22 is a 2022 professional wrestling sports video game developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ssDvGAQNhvg4qMPvpo7IyKZ4G1t4VIDw6jZcPw4AhG4/edit#gid=0, Thanks. My PPV schedule is based on WWE's 2006 schedule meaning: 4 Co-Brand Events (Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, Summerslam and Survivor Series), 5 Raw Events (New Year's Revolution, Backlash, Vengeance, Unforgiven and Cyber Sunday), 5 Smackdown events (No Way Out, Judgement Day, The Great American Bash, No Mercy and Armageddon) and 2 NXT events (One Night Stand and December to Dismemeber). So I have a lot going on in my Wwe Universe I have Monday Night Raw NXT Ecw SmackDown and Shotgun Saturday Night the Legends show. 4 Champions, MFWC Champion- Tyson Steele, MFWC Ladies Champion- Amy Sinz, MFWC Classic Heavyweight Champion- Julius, and 2-Time MFWC World Tag Team Champions- The Reckoning. Note match cards, winners and losers, and match rankings. After looking at a few of the spreadsheets recently. As for Ribbie, you finally get to learn his real identity. If it doesn't work on that slot, select a new slot for the show, apply the case after the womens championship is set as target, save, go back to the universe mode and apply it to Lacey. WWE Games | SmackDown vs. Raw-WWE 2K20 . I will launch my 2nd weekly show, Wednesday Night Surge, probably in May or so. Over this weekend Im getting my 2k19 universe mode to a stage where it can transfer across to 2k22 - winning championships with people who will appear in the game etc. Despite having more features than WWE '13, this entry's Universe Mode appeared to have fewer opportunities for branching storylines as they triggered with less frequency than its direct predecessor. As for adding titles it's a little bit more work, you'll have to manually add them in the title history page, just right click on a row and select "insert 1 row below" it should be included in everywhere else then. It may not be the best WWE game ever, but it's really not too far off and is easily the best-looking one to date. The shows aren't automated unfortunately, so you'll have to manually change anything in there.So if you want Nitro to take place instead of Raw, you'll have to replace any "Raw" with "Nitro", To make this process easier, you can just press "Ctrl+F" then find any mention of "Raw" and replace them all at once. Every WWE fan at one point has fantasized over creating their own personalized card filled with their favorite superstars, and card building allow players to do just that. - Everything We Know So Far ft. Release Window \u0026 More: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6Rh92RjXncThe treatment that Universe Mode has received in WWE 2K22 paints a pretty dire picture for the future of the mode within the WWE Games franchise, something that dive into deep here in this video!---------------------------------------------------LINKSClick here to \"Join\" the Supporters of The Movement: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe31f1c4Z1XIV1nJdcBiXGw/joinSocial MediaTwitter: https://twitter.com/TheMovementXxDiscord: https://discord.gg/YBFvWM5Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheMovementxxTikTok: https://tiktok.com/@themovementxxVisit our Link Tree for all links + Our Business Email: https://linktr.ee/TheMovementXxStigma's StuffTwitter: https://twitter.com/AlteredStigmaWebsite: https://www.stigmastudios.net/Cameron Bash's StuffTwitter: https://twitter.com/BashTacoTwitch: https://www.twitch.tv/BashTacoRom Buster's StuffTwitter: https://twitter.com/RomBuster#WWE2K22 #WWEGames #WWE2K The LWO will need rebuilding when caws start coming out for 22. WWE 2K22 sliders explained what are sliders? Well it's finally ready to be posted and used by whoever want to use it. Universe Mode in WWE games has been a staple for the series for a while now. Each promotion has 4 titles (1 major single, 1 tag, 1 minor single, 1 indy single), although NXT has 5 (with 2 indies). This is also where top tens and other Superstar-centric lists can be found, as well as any news or information specifically related to the soon-to-be-released DLC wrestlers. Rk-Bro defends against Miz and Morrison, US TITLE On Nxt William Regal is the Authority figure for the men and Mae Young is the Authority figure for the Women and in Ecw Tod Gordon is the on air Authority figure. First things first, thank you, I can see a lot of effort went into this! 4. If you want to have results for tag team matches you'll have to list that tag team in any match regardless of Tag Team or Singles Match.So you'd have to write in the wins or loss cellsThe New DayKofi KingstonThat way it counts for both the Tag Team and individual records. 3. Essentially, they govern your gameplay experience, and by tinkering with the defaults and presets, you can create a realistic experience. #3. Signatures and Finishers are rarely reversed and when they are, its usually during a big match or in a heated feud. Though the game's impressively large roster is perhaps its biggest asset, that's not to say that WWE 2K22 doesn't have other strengths.

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