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Yes. You may not withhold pay for work completed or a W-2 form from any employee for any reason associated with Form I-9. A citizen of the United States. Employers are not required to reverify the employment eligibility of a lawful permanent resident and should not reverify the employment authorization of this employee. You have assure that the identification document(s) appear to be genuine and related to the employee presenting the document(s) and you did not accept any document(s) that do not reasonably appear on their face to be genuine or to relate to the employee presenting them. Issuing Authority Issuing Authority Issuing Document Number Document Number Document Number Expiration Date (if any) (mm/dd/yyyy) . Employers may inspect Section 2 of the document remotely (for example over video, fax, or email) within 3 business days of hiring. You may leave the section blank or you may use this space to notate any additional information required for Form I-9 such as: Certification section it is imperative that you follow these last part of the instructions very carefully to prevent any liability for errors made on the Form I-9. Paycors always in the news for innovation, hiring and more. [15] 4 Add the date the employee began. Answer (1 of 31): Issuing Authority is nothing but RPO(REGIONAL PASSPORT OFFICE) as, i am a resident of west bengal & my RPO is Kolkata, Azhar is a resident of telengana & his Issuing authority/RPO is HYDRABAD. The employee is physically present at your place of business. When you hire a new employee, they need to fill out an I-9 in order for you to run payroll. Attract top talent, develop employees, and make better decisions with actionable data. Section 2 List. The instructions state when an employee may use N/A or must use N/A. If you are using the computer, select the issuing authority form the drop-down menu. One document matches the name entered in Section 1. It is not an acceptable receipt for a lost EAD. 4 FORM I-9 FAQ 6/2016 Q: My employee's Employment Authorization Document (Form I-766) expired and the employee now wants to show me a driver's license (List B) and a Social Security card (List C). This law created two primary obligations for employers: The current Form I-9, dated 10/21/2019, is available on theU.S. Verifying remote employeeshas long been a struggle for employers and its only going to continue as more businesses switch to aremote-first workforce. Is an expired Permanent Resident Card with a valid sticker on the back extending the expiration date considered a valid List A document? COVID-19: FMS Updates Related to COVID-19. Test drive Paycor Payroll, Onboarding, HR, and Time for 14 days. Employees must be allowed to present any valid combination of documents listed on Form I-9. The confirmation receipt printed from the USCIS website states that it is not a receipt notice and cannot be used as evidence of a pending application. You have only accepted unexpired identification documents from the list of, You will refer a foreign national employee directly to NAU, You will refer an employee who is a minor (under age 18) or an employee with disabilities and his/her parent, legal guardian or representative has completed Section 1 for them, please contact NAU. As I-9 documents are kept on-site, rather than sent to the government, federal agents can only conduct an inspection in-person or by requiring that you send them evidence through certified mail. However, only employers in Puerto Rico may use the Spanish version to meet the verification and retention requirements of the law. In addition, copies of these documents must be made and retained. For instance, you may have forgotten to write down the expiration date of a drivers licensekeeping a copy of the license means this is only a technical, rather than substantive error, and youd avoid a penalty. The F-1 student's Form I-20 bears the latest date by which studies are to be completed. Who is an issuing authority? The examples below illustrate properly completed, printed I-9s for commonly presented document types. Largest city and the administrative center . Most drivers must obtain a commercial driver's license (CDL) through their home State (it is illegal to have a license from more than one State). "List B documents are identity documents for I-9 purposesfor example, a common List B document is a driver's license," said Jorge Lopez, an attorney in the Miami office and chair of the Global . Making copies and keeping them can help your case in the event of an ICE inspection. If you operate in an industry with high staff turnover, like restaurants or manufacturing, youll likely require more regular audits than most. The examples below are of properly completed I-9s in an effort to maintain I-9 compliance. Tell us about your organization and what you want to accomplish and well recommend a custom solution. You also may wish to attach a brief memo to Form I-9 stating the reason for the name discrepancy, along with any supporting documentation the employee provides. If you are using the computer, select the issuing authority form the drop-down menu. Does your company retain supporting documentation? mhhauto registration code Review the issue date printed in the center of each visa and enter the visa number of the most recently issued visa. DHS is proposing this process change become permanent. Gunzenhausen (German pronunciation: [ntsnhazn] (); Bavarian: Gunzenhausn) is a town in the Weienburg-Gunzenhausen district, in Bavaria, Germany.It is situated on the river Altmhl, 19 kilometres (12 mi) northwest of Weienburg in Bayern, and 45 kilometres (28 mi) southwest of Nuremberg.Gunzenhausen is a nationally recognized recreation area. However, if they prove that they now have the correct documentation and their status has been regularized, an employer can continue their employment, even if they originally provided false documentation. For more information click, USCIS Instructions for Form I-9. See how were taking the right STEP toward inclusion and belonging. Form I-797C, Notice of Action, which is mailed to the employee by USCIS is an acceptable receipt to acknowledge that an application for a replacement EAD has been submitted. Notice that the form auto-populated the List A column with N/A only and not List C column fields. Section 3: Re-verification and Rehires This is the very last page of the Form I-9. You did not specify which acceptable document(s) the employee may present to you. The Department of Homeland Security allowed expired List B documents as a temporary policy during the COVID-19 pandemic. Employment Authorization Document (Current Form I-766) In January 1997 INS began issuing a new Employment Authorization Document. Our team of experienced sales professionals are a phone call away. If you are using the computer, select the issuing authority form the drop-down menu. Mitigate risk with proactive payroll and tax alerts. This is not a complete list of documents. Enter N/A if there is not document number. 1. Here are some major no-nos for employers: Errors on Forms I-9 should be corrected by whoever completed the form. Reverification is triggered by the document with the earlier end date. o Enter the new preparer and/or translator information (and indicate for corrections). You should consult with legal counsel or the appropriate government agency before acting on this information or for any employment law matter. If your employee is under Age 18, please submit a work permit, HS diplomaor Stanford IDin addition to the Form I-9 documentsto remain in compliance. If you keep the process in-house, make sure that the employee in charge of auditing your I-9 forms isnt the same one who filled them out in the first place. Why Should I Hire an E Verify Employer Agent? In arecent Paycor webinar on Form I-9 compliance,HR = expert Becky Becker gave attendees great insights into the risks facing employers who dont pay enough attention to their employment eligibility verification obligations. 2023 Paycor, Inc | Refer Paycor | Privacy Policy | 1-800-501-9462 | A Permanent Resident Card with a USCIS-issued sticker extending its validity is a List A document and acceptable for Form I-9. When is an employee required to use "N/A" in Section 1? Paycors HR software modernizes every aspect of people management, which saves leaders time and gives them the powerful analytics they need to build winning teams. At USCIS, the Employment Authorization Document is known as Form I-766. 3. Employee Info from Section 1 Enter the employees Last Name (Family Name), First Name (Given Name), Middle Initial (enter N/A if no middle initial) and Citizenship/Immigration Status (1, 2, 3, or 4) exactly as what the employee has entered in Section 1. Is an F-1 student's Form I-20 information required for Form I-9 when he/she is participating in on-campus employment? Permanent Resident Card or Alien Registration Receipt Card (Form I-551) Foreign passport with with Arrival/Departure Record (Form I-94) Passport from the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) or . Enter the visa number exactly as it appears on the document. Get the criteria to consider during your evaluation process. Existing employees should not complete a new Form I-9 as long as they have a valid I-9 already on file. Connect with new hires and make a lasting first impression. If an employer discovers an error or omission in Section 1 of an employees Form I-9, the employer should ask the employee to correct the error. The issuing authority varies, even among the same types of documents. In some cases, a U.S. visa number contains one letter followed by seven numeric characters. An exception exists for federal contractors. On an EAD, the Card # is on the front. My company currently keeps copies of documentation presented by my employees for Form I-9. Part A: Fill in the employee's name if it includes a name change that is different from Section 1 of the form (i.e., marriage and divorce with a name change). The Warning message #1 will appear letting you know that the form will be check to ensure that each field in Section 2 is filled out (see image below). similarly all state has a Office from where ur passport gets printed after a clear Rep. Leave payroll and taxes to the experts so you can focus on your business. All minors under 18 years of age who are employed in the state of California are subject to California's child labor protections and must have a permit to work. Who is in charge of your Form I-9 Retention Policy? An employer should attach an explanation of the changes made to an existing Form I-9 or the reason a new Form I-9 was completed, and sign and date the explanation. It can usually be found in the top row of the computer-generated data at the bottom or on the back of the card. You can find instructions for creating a digital image in the Client area of our web site. Full Name of List A Documents and List A Documents Abbreviations: List B Documents establish identity (only accept documents that bear a photograph because NAU participates in E-Verify). The issuing authority is the specific entity that issued the document(s). Full Name of List C Documents and List C Documents Abbreviations: Additional Information The Additional Information box is located below the List B document area. Lets create value across your portfolio. This means youll always be informed of any inspection and youll have at least 3 days to produce documents. Following are some of the most common Form I-9 errors and how to correct them. When there are multiple errors, its best to complete a new form and attach it to the old copy. Expiration Date (if any) (mm/dd/yyyy) Enter the expiration date of the List A document or receipt. Photo Matching Required:When an employee presents either a Permanent Resident Card (Form I-551), Employment Authorization Card (Form I-766) or Unexpired U.S. Passport for his or her Form I-9 documentation, we are required to match the photo on the document to the photo in DHS records. Yes No Control costs and make every dollar count with reporting. Expiration Date (if any) (mm/dd/yyyy) Enter the expiration date of the List B document or receipt. If information has been written in the wrong list (e.g., a Social Security number is in List B or a drivers license in List C) draw an arrow to the correct list and add initials and the date, again preferably in different color ink. Is a Form I-94 stamped with "parole" an acceptable List C #7 document? If you use a computer, List A column will auto-filled with N/A in each field. If you are using a hard copy Form I-9, use mm/dd/yyyy date format. Attach a note explaining why the changes were made. For a hard copy form, it is important to know the full name of the List A document so that you enter the correct List A document abbreviations (see list on page 6). Seeing is believing. For more information about completing the I-9 form, visit: view the instructions that accompanythe I-9 form. Here is a quick reference for common documents: U.S. Passport. Any other comments or notations necessary for the employers business process.

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