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They definitely do state 1000 SQ.FT., not cubic feet.I really don't need you to explain to me the difference in cubic feet and square feet. I was specifically sold on Bob Vila's endorsement of the product thinking I can trust the home improvement guru. We tried their medium wings and a couple of the burgers. A 50-gallon, 5,500-watt water heater with a .90 EF and an electricity rate of $.16 per kilowatt hour will cost $781 to operate each year. Actual energy savings from high efficiency water heaters depend on family size, heater location, and the size and placement of water pipes. Then, if you read the contents, there is no coverage for the first TWO years. Kinko's", "CBS Says It Can't Vouch for Bush Documents", "THE 2004 CAMPAIGN: MILITARY SERVICE; An Ex-Officer Now Believes Guard Memo Isn't Genuine",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, This page was last edited on 10 February 2021, at 01:33. And third, it provides soft radiant heat that EVENLY spread around the room. Cellular shades can save you as much as 20% on your energy bill, too. Issues of safety, durability, and return on investment must be considered before purchasing one of the most expensive portable infrared heaters on the market. The machine shot out sparks. EdenPURE Classic CopperPLUS Heater $272.00 $399.00 Best Sellers EdenPURE 3000 Whole House Air Purifier by AirFree $299.00 $374.00 EdenPURE GEN50 Infrared Heater $297.00 $399.00 EdenPURE GEN40 Heater $247.00 $447.00 EdenPURE Bio SpeedCLEAN Cordless Vac - Model XL200 $249.00 $299.00 EdenPURE GEN21 EdenPURE All Season Heater $279.00 $447.00 Received a reconditioned unit a week ago. Many have been running now for well over 5 years and run almost constantly all winter long. I starting contacting the company and finally did receive a return shipping label. Like most people have said, 1500 watts of electric energy is just that, 1500 watts, Doesn't matter if it come out of a $20 Walmart heater or a $400 Eden, it'll do the same thing. You are not saving money because the Eden Pure heater is an amazingly efficient heat source, it is because you are not heating the whole house to as high of a temperature. This actually makes their heater less efficient. You cannot get more energy out of an electron than is in it. Design in an electric heater is everything. Hogwash. Oh Al, It is you who does not understand electric restisance heating AT ALL Continue to believe what you want to believe. I used to like him on this old house , but like many of the over the hill broke celebs. They basically cut our heating bills in half and keep us nice and warm during the cold Pennsylvania winter nights. Common applications include space heating, cooking, water heating and industrial processes. Nice flat spot for debris. Perrysburg, Ohio and go home with your product the same day. As for bob vila. I realized that this was the start of giving me the run around. My electric bill actually increased. Consider Choosing a Different Electric Heater. Get notified about new Tester jobs in Ranst, Flemish Region, Belgium. If I was Bob Vila I would not put my name on the product if they cannot get anyone to anwser the customer service number or even return your calls. Doubled Electric bill, no effect on gas consuption. I told customer services I wanted my money refunded and was told NO WAY you have had your heater over the 60 days satisfaction guarantee.. What the h..l are they talking about I have a 5 yr warranty. The Air King 8132 1500 watt ceramic space heater covers areas up to 150 square feet. I put up with very high bills until last year from what is no more than a heater that was supposed to be a heat pump, meaning it runs on heat strips. [1], Burkett had received publicity in 2000, after making and then retracting a claim that he had been transferred to Panama for refusing "to falsify personnel records of Governor Bush",[2] and in February 2004, when he claimed to have knowledge of "scrubbing" of Bush's TexANG records. Zone heat is just that whether you use a single zone heater or have your central system set up that way. Reverse-cycle air conditioning is 300-600% efficient, which means that it can take one unit of electrical energy and turn it into 3 to 6 times as much heating or cooling energy. My wife and I have found that our electric and gas power bills have gone down by more than half, each (we have a gas furnace) since we started using our Life Smart brand infrared heater. It just says if you use an Eden Pure heater to do "zone heating"I you will save money. 4) Contrary to this article and many of its posts, the reason why infrared heaters have been so successful is not because of slick marketingprimarily it has been word of mouth. Why do you think they would do that? Suarez Corporation Industries / Pinnacle Systems have absolutely NO component life test data to back-up their component life claims. It is great for days like today when the chill was just too much in the house, but it is not something you want to use consistently during the day and night. The key to these are you heat the rooms you are living in during the day so you use your furnace less. When I was 1st introduced to the Edin Pure, price of heating fuel was sky high. Its only ment to heat up a small area with a person in it. The point has been made of how some feel about it. My complaints is that I place my order 4 weeks ago still no shipment ( states 5 to 10 dyas) & cust service does not respond to email and closed half the time. Same reasons. Nothing wrong with EdenPure technology, it is credible, and the heater is as good as any other similar purpose heater (I only have hard time accepting its "ancient" design). [8], When asked about Burkett's role in the controversy, David Van Os, Burkett's lawyer, responded with the hypothesis that someone may have reconstructed documents that they believed existed in 1972 or 1973.[9]. And, regardless of what someone said about 1500 watts is 1500 watts and is going to heat the same area, that is not what I have read and have posted (copied and pasted from advertisements). Love my EdenPURE heater! i bought an eden pure heater for both myself and my elderly father and neither one will turn on after the first few times we used them with the screen flashing "not level" even though i used a level to verify they were sitting level .unfortunately this issue was not discovered until the start of the second year of use. Glad I read all these posts before wasting my money on Edenpure though. My best friend bought two, I told her not to do it. They said they could not do a refund because it was past the 60 days and I said I thought the 60 day thing was for the smart people that decided they didn't want it, not for a DEFECTIVE product of which I have received 2 in a row.Anyway they refused to refund my money so I guess I'm just stuck with this piece of junk. The filter is as overpriced and useless as the heater. Oil heaters transfer heat by convection. ", They would be dedicated to making sure the expectations of an ongoing pleasant experience that is designed into the commercial would be realized to the end of product life. Receive a $75 bill credit when you enroll your eligible smart thermostat in a qualifying demand response program through one of our authorized thermostat providers. By not heating the unoccupied rooms of your home, you will cut your heating bill. There is no combustion taking place in any electric heater, and no oxygen is being used. The infrared light (heat) is then reflected back into the home. Caveat emptor. I have used these and recommended (I'm an electrician/contractor) the inexpensive ones to people who have cold spots in their larger rooms (rec rooms, basement, master bedroom) with good results, but if you think a 1500 watt 5000 BTU electric heater will keep any 1000 either square foot or cubic foot space a comfortable 70 degrees, you're dreaming, especially if the temp is below 40 degrees. Burkett, William W. (Galena, MO, US) Burkett, Glenda Sue (Galena, MO, US) Application Number: 10/996346 . This biographical article related to the United States military is a stub. Well, come to my house, put you hands in front of each item and we will see which one you pull away from first! It will cost more. The EP does not outperform the Lasko. They are usually a rip-off. Frankly, I think enough has been said about the EdenPure. The same method can be used in the walls, ceiling, and floor of a mobile home to regulate its temperature. Always open. It claims to scrub the air in a 1000 cubic foot room. Updating my comments on the EdenPure. In that case the EdenPure can save you money over natural gas. A 1500-watt heater will produce at most 5000 BTUs. However after studying A LOT of them including Duraflame, and all the current ones on the market, I found Dr. Infrared to be the best comparable for a fraction of the cost of EdenPure, as well as the most highly recommended. Let me easily explain. And Sylvania's bulb life testing, like all other lamp manufacturers, is performed in still air with infrequent on/off cycles (once a day to once a week). She points out their parents had electrc heat in a double-wide. Bobby Burkett ( Logan Huffman) is a promising quarterback for a struggling high-school football team. The most common type of heat pump is the air-source heat pump, which transfers heat between your house and the outside air. We bought edenpure in September. CLAIM: With the EdenPure the temperature will not vary in any part of the room. Heat Pumps are the most cost saving product other than using a fireplace.The japanese use several heatpumps to heat their homes they use one system for living room another for bedrooms this helps lower energy bills. I am sold on the Eden Pure, but I will have to say I did see one just before seeing this page that is described much in the same way as the Eden Pure Gen4 but is marked down to $219. Also, dont buy Cub Cadet. Common sense. I to have an Edenpure system that I purchased for my basement. The problem with this, of course, is that you are not saving money by heating the house more efficiently. I was going to purchase another EdenPure this year for the downstairs, but after seeing the .25 per hour and calculating the cost, that will not save money. Most of these testimonials are not of much use. The American Free Enterprise system only works if we work it. Bobby Burkett ( Logan Huffman) is a promising quarterback for a struggling high-school football team. Savetech bv. EdenPURE OxiLeaf II Thunderstorm Air Purifier, EdenPURE Bio SpeedCLEAN Cordless Vac - Model XL200, EdenPURE 3000 Whole House Air Purifier by AirFree, EdenPURE GEN21 EdenPURE All Season Heater, EdenPURE OxiLeaf Refrigerator Air Purifier, EdenPURE 1000 Area Model Air Purifier by AirFree, EdenPURE Weighted Calming Blanket - Small, EdenPURE Personal Air Purifier by AirFree, Sedona Supreme Commercial Food Dehydrator with Stainless Steel Trays, Dynapro Commercial High-Speed Vacuum Blender, Greenstar Elite Jumbo Twin Gear Slow Masticating Juicer, Professional Cancan XL Manual Juice Press, Humio Humidifier & Night Lamp with Aroma Oil Compartment, Choisons V-Slicer Precision Standing Mandoline, ACOPOWER LionCooler X30A Combo, 32 Quarts Solar Freezer & Extra 173Wh Battery (2 Batteries), Use left/right arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a mobile device. Go to the Home Depot, Lowe's, Cosco etc., and choose the heater out of couple of dozens designs they have there. However, your actual price will depend largely on the size and type of heater you choose. Had I done that, I believe, without using a calculator, that cost would be $180.00 a month for just the heat on one floor of my home. Asked store manager about the eden pure heater and when we looked online, the same 1500 watt unit is rated at the same 5000+ btu's. We bought an Eden Pure Gen 1000 a month and a half ago and lo and behold our electric company called today because they noticed a huge spike in our usage, as a matter of fact our usage has more than doubled. Electric space heaters fall into four main categories: fan heaters, ceramic, infrared, and oil-filled. You are just cutting costs by heating a smaller areasomething you could have done without a $400 space heater. You just have to decide if the features of the Eden Pure are worth the extra cost over a less expensive space heater. Actually, when the Eden uses that copper coil to absorb the heat they're actually deceasing the efficiency of the heater. Stay warm everyone!! First is that your heating plant is grossly inefficient and that your heating ducts practically are routed outside the house to heat the outside before coming back inside. I used to think Alex Trebec was an honorable man, but after seeing him and others like him offer this insurance that IS a SCAM for seniors, I have no respect for him. But, to satisfy the originator of this, no I would not buy another EdenPure. This year Feb 2011 they now want $94.80 for the same pack of bulbs. Bill Burkette, who was the original lead singer of American vocal group The Vogues, died Thursday at the age of 75.The group was formed in 1958 at the old Turtle Creek High School, calling . I also agree with your opinion on products sold by celebrities. Price? Keith Schroeder (author) from Wisconsin on December 27, 2011: Let us know how the EdenPURE works for you, the man. So, that is where your decision lies if the small and inexpensive heater does not cost any more to use and will heat the same square footageDo you feel safe with the cheap one? ELECTRICAL ENGINEER on December 16, 2012: First of all, 120vac appliances are very inefficient compared to 220vac. If I spend less, good. Had I chosen to update and insulate when I first moved here, I could have done it for that price or less. These are the dimensions of a jail cell, not a room. The same amount of air goes through. The cost was going to be $10,000. You also only heat one room so it costs over $2 per room at an 8 hour run. I use two in my basement that have been working constant for three years (except for the summer months) and still work fine. See who you know. But, although our gas savings decreased our electric usage went up and we noticed about a $4 a month savings. This has been disputed. FACT: Nonsense. they will endorse anything for a price . I would rather have on sweats, even with another shirt under and be comfortable with my $200. That way, I do believe you can save money especially during the night while sleeping. Space heater with pretreated heat exchanger Patent number: 7046918 There just selling an alternative that has good and bad points like everything else on the market. They were not meant to be used in that manner. I needed the one with electric thermostat but I did not get that. On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. It was fantastic and a threw a lot more heat than the electric oil radiator type. Out of stock at this time though. We have unplugged our Eden Pure and have decided to think of this as a 300.00 back up heat source in case our gas furnace takes a dump. Keith Schroeder (author) from Wisconsin on November 02, 2011: Bob, my main concern is saving ME money. I love it. I guess after all those years pushing Sears tools, Villa decided to push yet another scam. EdenPUREs manufacturer makes several claims about its heater. About 8 years ago, I got an estimate for ZONE HEATING for my home including the garage. Now, if that is not a scam, a come on, a lead in, I don't know what it. The man in the commercial who stated he saved so much money that he bought two more and his electricity was half CANNOT be correct unless he is not using his EdenPures round the clock like we usually use our central. Burkett's Heating & Cooling is a premier choice for professional HVAC services in Piqua and Sidney, OH, and surrounding areas. Eden Pure is a scam because the details are hidden in clever word usage the average person, many of them on here I see, cannot grasp. up. To reduce how much electricity or gas your hot water uses and bring your bills down, consider these tips: Turn down the thermostat: Many hot water heaters are set to 140 degrees by default, but 120 is plenty hot for most household uses, and creates less of a scalding risk.

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