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Karn: Name a famous astronaut.Contestant: Neil Young. Combs:[during Fast Money]A word used to describe a plane flight. [laughter erupts] Well, if it's still attached to the car, it would be dangerous. ", Celebrity Family Feud (2008, other episodes): "Tonight on Celebrity Family Feud, it's(insert montage)(insert celebrity team #1)! Contestant: A gun. O'Hurley: Name something that a fed-up wife might finally tell her husband to do for himself.Contestant: Umsatisfy himself. Harvey: Fill in the blank, pie in the what. Introducing the Madvig Family: Alan, Carolyn, Ida, Carol and Alan, on your marks! Harvey: You think because youre pronouncing the word "naked nekkid, that means it's different? ), A Mark Goodson-Bill Todman Production." Dawson: Name a yellow fruit. And now, here's your host, ((insert funny nickname here), (first season only)) JOHN O'HURLEY!!! ", "To steal the points/For the win/a new car/Sudden Death, (insert answer)! And the (insert family #2 [and their names]), on your marks! $10,000 in cash for the relatives!" [Before the answer was revealed, Combs remarked, "And if anybody at home tries it, please call the number on the bottom of the jar."]. (insert first winning family member). I haven't been this excited, since I got the oil drilling rights to Jack Lord's hair! There is no Fast Money. That's my favorite answer this year. There were people upset, that I would embrace or hug someone of a different color. [contestant buzzes in], Combs: Let me see "condoms" for $4,000. His very small package. ", 20022003: "Welcome to the newFamily Feud Challenge! [ The Baldwins clap and cheer ] Ray Combs: Can I see a fax machiiiiine! For example, a host can ask your team to mention a famous person named Steve. - Ray Combs (coming out of the commercial break on occasion), "(insert score recap). I was the first one to buzz in, so I'll just take my time answering this. HOO! Harvey: YOU ON FAMILY FEUD! - Ray Combs (whether or not there's one answer left to be revealed), "Not there!" Thank you so much, and welcome to Family Feud. We'll start by placing $5,000 in their banks to both families." Dawson: The price of a dozen roses. (NOTE: Remember that the slides with the answers display them in order from 1 to 5. The host asks a question, and the player who buzzes in first tries to guess the number one response. So come on back." Karn: Name a TV show set on an island.Contestant 1:Miami Vice.Contestant 2:General Hospital. Harvey: No, you didn't, on national TV, set us back 30 years. Karn: Name someone you would find in an operating room.Contestant: The operator. ", "300 is the magic number! "All the way from (city, state) (returning for their (x) day), it's the (insert family #1)! [BUZZ]. If you do, you're gonna hear this sound:(buzz-buzz) I'll say "Try again", and you give me another answer. O'Hurley: Name something you do to a fish.Contestant: Flush it down the toilet. (insert two winning family members). Contestant: Oh right, that was close in the area. HOO! - Richard Dawson (1975 Pilot), "(We) Love ya. We'll be back to play Fast Money right after this, don't go away." Then, advance to the next slide, where the question is displayed but not the answers. Not that I wanted to hurt 'em, but I 'cause I love 'em. What are you doing at your house? O'Hurley: 401 Contestant: 401(k) jelly. [scored 23 points]. And I said, "Yeah!". detail ( Bell dings) Tray: Alright. Harvey:(mocking her) "We're goin' for the money, so that makes it alright! Yah, lawn, steve!Harvey:Huh, L I O N. Oh, that spelled it, what the hell is a pork lawn! I gotta tell you. [scored 9 points]. Write and run a set of commands to automate . - Richard Dawson/Ray Combs (said when a contestant checks the answers in Fast Money), "(insert name) is offstage where he/she can't see your answers. Contestant: How 'bout your wife? - Burton Richardson, "Closed Captioning sponsored (in part)by." - said by Burton Richardson before cuing the second commercial break. Dawson: Name something you buy in a delicatessen. Link 'n' Share. The Bullseye Game means that one of these families could win up to $20,000. Let's have some fun." Ray Combs: Oooohhh.. first strike. Ang magpipinsan from Caloocan, ang Abuel Family (Kharmella and French Abuel) vs ang defending champion, ang De Guzman Family (Cheska at Shane De Guzman). Mark created several game shows, including The Price is Right, Match Game, and of course, Family Feud. A Penis, oh, we gonna keeping that answer. Family Feud is a game where players must guess the most popular survey answers. - Richard Karn (said at the start of the Triple Round from 2002-2003), "But be careful, because in this round, you only get one strike. Harvey: Name something that can ruin a kiss.Contestant: A mustache. Sure! Now, here's the star of our show, (insert funny nickname here), MR. RICHARD KARN!!! "If you and your family want to be contestants on Family Feud, and you live in or planning to visit Southern California, call us at "We're looking for fun families to be on Family Feud and possibly win $30,000 and a new car! Combs: Name a famous game show host who would make a great talk show host. - Ray Combs during the Fast Money Round, "ZEROOOOOOO!" Now sp-spe Harvey: So, you thought that this answer would be just fine, in front of your mama and daddy and then your 90-year-old grandfather. Just drop them in the ground. This template can be used for showcasing any sort of game content you can think of, including any Family Feud-type games. I've had the most incredible luck in my career. [laughter from audience] You never know, Ray. I just got the oil drilling rights to Jack Lord's hair!" Dawson: [laughs] Cuckoo [laughs & crowd laughs] A foo-- How the hell did you people get on this show? Whoever takes control of the question, and when I get to you, you ll have only three seconds to answer. Contestant 2: Bow tie. Harvey: (starts laughing) What did he want do to you? Harvey: Name something a doctor might pull out of a person. Here's the question." Harvey: If you were a kid, name something you use with a partner to practice kissing. (camera snapshot)God bless all the little children in the world. Rank Video Game PowerPoint Template. Family Feud has been a part of the American pop culture landscape for decades now. Harvey:(grinning) I gotta go to this church! - Ray Combs (on a Face-Off during the Triple Round if time runs short), "You only get one strike, so they get to steal immediately." Family Feud. I havekids. O'Hurley: Name something people do to warm off on a cold day.Contestant: Have a glass of lemonade. You got to try to find the most popular answer. ", 1987 Pilot: ", 1992 Pilot (Second Half): How Family Feud is Played Have the team captain from each team come to the front of the room where the buzzer is. Dawson: Name a time that most people go to bed. (1989-1994), 19992002: Dawson: During what month of pregnancy does a woman begin to look pregnant? I meant thank you! Richard Dawson: Alright, there's our families, now let's start the Feud! I said, "God.". Thank you! I thanked my crew, and I thanked my director already. She said, "Who makes a rainbow?". Family Feud is a mainstay in American (and international) television because people love the game. Dawson: Name the first thing you take off after work. [laughter]. NOTE #1: When Richard Dawson hosted the show, he will sometimes omit "said" before the number of people appeared on the board. ONE TALL STAND IS POSITIONED IN THE CENTER OF THE STAGE. Playing against (the challengers,)the (insert family #2), on your marks! Yeah. Harvey: We asked one hundred women, name a reason you'd dump a guy. Just help me. I want to publicly acknowledge Howard Felsher, who's our executive producer. For Steve Harvey's first year of hosting, Joey Fatone opens the show by saying the name of the game show, his own name and location.). And now, here's your host, RICKI LAKE!!! You are in a minute. Combs: Name a famous male country/western singer of all time. Steve: Welcome to Family Feud! Be in total control of your money with Green Dot." (got 8 points!). Karn: We surveyed one hundred people, your goal is to give me the most popular answer. When I get to you, you'll get three seconds to answer it. [buzzer] You're a little strange. Dawson: I hope you won't take this the wrong way, Kenneth, butyou are weird. You're, no, you're, don't worry about that. Let's meetthe Kakadelas Family: Kit, Kevin, Dana, Kim and Theresa, ready for action! [BUZZER!]. View full document. (audience laughing)And it is agreat magic about this show, that I've never seen on any other show. Combs:[during Fast Money]A city in Mexico. We wont forget you. - Ray Combs (commemorating creator Mark Goodsons death in 1992), Ladies and gentlemen, we would like to remember a former host of Family Feud, Ray Combs. Combs: [during Fast Money] A city where people go for a quickie divorce. - Louie Anderson (said during the Triple Round, to a controlling/opposing family whose bank may or may not have enough points to win; early from 1999), "That answer has to be up there for you to stay alive/steal. Contestant: That's my 90-year-old grandfather. But, if you or your partner can come up with 200 points or more, you'll win $5,000/$10,000/$20,000/(Bullseye/Bankroll amount)." I am a stuff animal. Even if I never work again, they'll just be near me. YOU SAID IT, AND THEN YOU SAID "DO I HAVE TO MAKE YOU SAY IT AGAIN?" Go to or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to find out how!" Harvey: No, name something you fill. Contestant (anAir Forcecaptain):Yogi. - Richard Karn, John O'Hurley, and Steve Harvey, "For this survey, we're asking/we'll ask youfor the Top/Number One answer only. - Ray Combs, "Join me!" Whichever leader gives the highest scoring (most popular) answer gets to decide if their team will play through the survey or pass it off to the other team. The channel changes to a political debate. Find your station, watch outrageous clips and even get YOUR family on the Feud! This is the greatest show I've ever had! Harvey: You gonna sit up here on national TV and say "nekkid", and then point at the damn board like we gonna let you get away with it! ", you win the (game and the)car." When we come back, we're gonna play Fast Money for $20,000. Billy Baldwin: A fax machine. Harvey: If your stomach is that big, you do not see it anywhere. I had the best staff you've ever dreamed of. Combs:[during Fast Money]A person's last request. Come back and see our families/ours/family, on the Feud. - Louie Anderson (PlayStation), "Thank you,you guys. - Current version, "If you plan on being in Los Angeles, and would like to be a part of our studio audience, simply call these toll free numbers for tickets and information: In California, call [[5]]. "(audience cheering) Thank you. - Family Feud host (coming out of the commercial break; 1999-present), "We surveyed 100 people/100 people surveyed, top (insert number) answers are on the board. If you said the number 1 answer is (insert answer) [off-screen arrow/dart hits the Bullseye], you('ve) hit the Bullseye (on The New Family Feud)! That's where two typical American families fight it out for family honor, and a little spending money for the relatives. - When the losing team gets $500 in the form of the Green Dot Prepaid Card(used since the 2015-16 season), "(X) points is tough in the second position. And welcome to the Feud! AUDIENCE: FAST MONEY!" [While Contestant 2 is up, the show takes a five-minute delay due to Dawson's struggles to say the question due to his laughter over the "September" answer. Harvey: Little late for that. O'Hurley: Name the age when you stop growing.Contestant #1: 12.Contestant #2: 13. It's a complete cycle, my friend. Dawson: Name a time that most people get up. O'Hurley: Name the night of the week with the worst TV programs.Contestant:UPN. They buried themselves carrying us, and I love them for that. Combs:[during Fast Money]A fruit you might buy only one of. - Richard Dawson (going to a commercial; 1976-1985 and 1994-1995), "The Feud has begun, but we're going all the way to 300, and somebody's playing for $5,000/$10,000. - Gene Wood (1985 Daytime Finale). There's a lot of money at stake, so let's get started by playing our brand new Bullseye game." Karn: Name a board game people are really good at.Contestant:Jeopardy.Karn: Or, I should say, "What isJeopardy?". Heres the question, please listen carefully. - Richard Dawson (to both families during a Triple Roubd when time is running short), "I'm only going to read the question as few times as possible." It's tougher/harder, so we're going to give you 20/25 seconds." (insert winning family) playing Fast Money for $5,000/$10,000/(Bullseyeamount) isright after this." Combs: Describe the weather with a word or phrase that could also describe your wife. You understand that don't you?". Here we go with another Face-Off!" I've done lots and lots of jobs, and I've never, ever had a job like Family Feud. From (insert location here, followed in the first season by a rhyming couplet about the family name), it's the (insert family #2)!! - Richard Dawson (when the answer made the survey), "(No,) They didn't/did not!" Harvey: Name a word or phrase that follows the word pork.Contestant: "Upine"Harvey: Huh? - Richard Dawson (1976-1985; 1994-1995), "For the (Family) Feud, I'm Ray Combs saying thank you for watching. (Steve Harvey alongside Clay Family laughing). (applause) Thank you, please. Who are those people? - Ray Combs (going into a commercial from 1988-1989), "We're coming right back with great questions and surprising answers (and a lot more Feuding fun) right after this." Game Shows Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Playing against the (insert family #2 (and their names)), on your marks! - Steve Harvey (said after the first half of Celebrity Family Feud). - John O'Hurley (whenever there's one answer left to be revealed on the Survey Board from 2008-2010), "We'll be back right after this." Karn: Name an occupation that begins with the letter "J".Contestant: A jackhammerer. Contestant: Santa Claus. Harvey: "Freddy Kr- who the hell are youmarriedto?!". (laughter from the studio audience)Let's get started, let's play the Feud." And we had everybody on this show, and he was very, very important, in that I acknowledge and thank him for it. Harvey: You calmy said. I'm (your man)Steve Harvey. Harvey:[deadpan]They're black, okay. DISPLAY SLIDE 1 - TITLE SLIDE "FAMILY FEUD" Sound Effect - TV Show Theme Song THE HOST ENTERS (Waving to the audience, carrying a stack of game show cards) HOST (Upon a family with two strikes), (you clear the board,)your family wins the game. You need to focus and concentrate to get the money. All I can tell you is, this has been a very special nine years of my life! Richard served as a panelist on Match Game, of which became an inspiration for the Feud.

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