vw tiguan sunroof drain locationvw tiguan sunroof drain location

Part Number: 1K0877236 Supersession (s) : 1K0-877-236; 7N0877236 COUPE. Sunroof. Visit http://www.geekzoneuk.comIf you notice excessive condensation on your windscreen and have the panoramic roof there is a good chance the drain is leakin. The Fora platform includes forum software by XenForo. Roof opening panel. The sunroof front drain pipes end up on the engine bulkhead almost inline with the windscreen "A" posts. 1-brake cable (or counter) bike length about 2 meters. There is no need to clean the drains. Veuillez laisser votre adresse e-mail ci-dessous. I would call Voa and demand someone assist with this issue. -arrow- of the rotary knob. Advanced Search | Drain. As I have reported before, the Atlas leaks when rains, due to design flaw with the drains around the sunroof (see photo). Les champs obligatoires sont indiqus avec. Dealership said it'll cost +$5,000 to fix as clogged drains caused other issues (there may be corrosion damage). Take a look at those holes, make sure they are open & drain freely. VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 600, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. replaced, it is necessary to perform a basic setting for the appropriate motor. Sunroof. 3 months of issues only to get it back and the coolant was low again. 2023 Volkswagen Tiguan SEL R-Line Stock # 3251, 3VV4B7AX7PM045249, Intercooled Turbo Regular Unleaded I-4 2.0 L/121 engine, 8-Speed Automatic w/OD, 28, OPAL WHITE exterior 1 / 16 8 more images MSRP: $40,566 Dealer Discount: -$2,000 Elgin VW Sale Price: $38,566 Estimate Financing No credit score risk Get Instant ePrice VALUE YOUR TRADE Don't forget to subscribe to my channel for future tutorial videos and like my video if you found it helpful. on the passenger's side. I mean who connects a pipe INSIDE and connector and not outside !!!!!! Use a flexible rod (be sure it is not sharp; it could puncture the lines) and gently prod through the holes to attempt to free the clog. The drain holes will be in the four corners of the sunroof. Do not hesitate to put your hand to lower the seal in order to pass the screwdriver. Roof opening panel water trough and seal. Value 3.9. When an my atlas was awful. Push button and hold for about 5 seconds until the sun shade has completely closed Power sunroof . It takes minutes to do and seeing the puddles on the floor beneath the car gives me piece of mind! The sunroof tray has 4 drain holes in it, one in each corner, i.e., front left, front right, rear left and rear right. SHAME ON VW! Service 4.3. There is also lots of condensation on the inside of the windows. Tailgate, Heated Screen, Voice Activation, Wireless Phone Charger, 4th Year Warranty. These drains are normally feed through the roof pillars and exit somewhere underneath the vehicle. Use tool at your own risk! Clear the debris from the nipples. This causes excess slack in the drain hose allowing the foam block to contact the hose. Step 2 Once I saw the location of it I just pressed my hand up between the tank and the fender and pulled the last spidertrap out. Sunroof drain cleaning procedure. Volkswagen Tiguan Service and Repair Manual > Battery, Charging: Battery Charger -VAS5900- I will now allempt the removal of the fourth behind the Adblue tank. 2018 VW GTI SE Ep.275: Cleaning Your Sunroof Drains LastHumansGarage 25.6K subscribers Subscribe 474 121K views 2 years ago Use tool at your own risk! also take off the grab hande same drill: T20 hidden behind little soft plastic cap. what are the parts that needs to be replaced (so I can order online) and how much should the labor According to one posting, a VW Alltrack owner has suffered staining and mold growth inside the vehicle. A few days later, it started working fine again. . I have removed the spider traps on the end. To reach the rear drain holes in the pano roof, the rear fixed glass panel needs to be removed. Blow compressed air down the drain tubes. The sunroof is now leak free after this fix, just like it's supposed to be. The drain holes will be in the four corners of the sunroof. My buddy said he joined a class action lawsuits. May be hit and miss on insurance covering that. usually mechanical issues arent covered, now had you said you left the sunroof open, or the glass had been broken, then that would be a covered event. Bit of a fiddle getting the inner mudguard back sandwiched between rear valance and wheel arch trim but once in position and the screw back in the remaining three screws in the wheel arch went back in easily. Domain. You will see the water come out under the car in a few moments. To gain access you need to remove the wiper arms and plastic tray between screen and engine bay. Don't knock off those tubes! There is also an emergency closing function. 2010 VW tiguan water leaks from roof Posted by Anonymous on Dec 15, 2013 Roof opening panel adjustment. Opening the glass sunroof in the convenience position SEDAN, rear. 2018 2.0L 190ps TDI DSG white R-line Tech. Mines a 66 plate and I had no issues at all until recently. pull clip on a pillar cover off and these 3 things should be enough to pull headliner gently away and see the front It turns out it's another shockingly poor design from VAG. Depending on where you live, sunroof drains may become plugged sooner than later. The blade on the driver's side must be 26 inches (650 If you are having issues with water inside the cabin of your Volkswagen and have a sunroof, chances are your sunroof drains may be clogged. Recently, the EPC light went on and my vehicle started stalling in the middle of the road. Anyone with a sunroof should be performing this maintenance on a regular basis. Keeping these clean will prevent leaks and water damage and ensure rainwater is properly drained from the car. There is one each side they are hard to see unless you know where to look! Jump starting must not be used!There is a risk of - Jeff B6 Passat 3.6 & 4motion Resource Thread Now: 2008 VW Passat 3.6 4motion Wagon, 2013 Fiat 500 Sport Then: 1987 Volvo 745GLE, 1989 Volvo 745GL, 1994 Volvo 940T, 1995 Infiniti G20, 2000 VW Passat 1.8T, 2001 VW Jetta Wolfsburg Ed (x2 . Are they also quoting a headliner and other parts as well? Don't knock off those tubes!. Tiguan 2.0 180 FSI DSG R Line. Both of the backs are accessible by disassembling the rear window of the sunroof. Now I am concerned by all the old leaves I found located under the windscreen. Dealership said this is a big deal + I should file insurance claim - insurance may total car. Much happier now! Changement de store de toit ouvrant panoramique VW Tiguan | Touran | Golf break | Audi Q5 | Skoda | Seat, Les problmes rcurrents du toit ouvrant panoramique VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat, Linfiltration deau sur le toit ouvrant panoramique VW|Audi|Skoda|Seat, Comment contrler le kilomtrage de son vhicule. 3 people have looked at this part recently Diagrams and Kits What This Fits Attachments Product Types SUNROOF. The panorama sunroof only works when the ignition is switched on. I've removed the traps but will still be checking them. Rear. Opening the glass sunroof in the convenience position -4- prevents most driving noise that may occur when open completely. I did remove the other 3 a year ago but failed to locate the OSR. The two pictures below show the location of the front right drain hole. Mainly - the drainage hoses are literally the tiniest things and the grommets at the end get blocked with leafs, spiders, etc. 2017 Tiguan Atlantic Blue SEL 2.0 TDI 2WD 150ps Front and Rear Heated Seats, Winter Pack, Front and Rear Nextbase Cameras, Skoda Yeti twin Exhaust tips. -1-. Okey this took me just around 10 minutes to do! edit 2016-05-25: Spelling and more photos of the sunroof drain tubes where they connect at the sunroof frame. Service Inspect the Rear Sunroof Drain Hoses 1. SEDAN, rear. The rears may drain under the rear bumper or the top of the rear hatch jamb area. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. Drain hose used for the sunroof. Rear. I removed the other three last year when I spotted the first water ingress (minimal) and VW dealer said they would fix the sunroof leak under warranty but needed 3 weeks for extended soak testing and if proven to be blocked drain tubes there would be a 375 charge for clearing them. mm) long and 21 inches (530 mm) long for the blade -3- the sun shade are integrated in the rotary knob The 2 fronts being accessible by opening the panoramic sunroof. Drain hose rear clip. switch. position, the glass panel automatically opens again. I used my Iphone to get some light up between the AdBlue tank and the rear fender and because the spidertrap is made of red rubber it was easy to spot. Close the sun shade up to the edge of the roof. GruvenParts - Custom VW Parts, Volkswagen BMW & Audi Auto Parts - 2019 19-Plate 230hp Tiguan R-Line Tech in White with Loads of Extras. tube. Had a look at mine today but they were clean so decided to leave them and will monitor them in future. It's usually easier to see them with a mirror. The knob must be in the Drain. There will be four: two in the front and two in the rear. sunshade can be moved manually. WAGON. Observe the nipples and ensure water is flowing out of each one freely. tube. 7 26 26 comments Best Add a Comment Rear. Ed Oswald is a freelance writer whose work appears on several technology sites as well as on Demand Studios. SEDAN, rear. obstruction is met during the closing operation from the lifting or sliding The drain nipples will be on the front side of either door jam. Front rail seal. It seems they are excellent at high tech, but when it comes to basic stuff they are thicker than a caveman. -4- prevents most driving noise that may occur when open completely. I am based in U.S. What's the best path forward? Click here for more details. Restrictions apply. Tube. It has a big sunroof, and a big leak. The reason to look at the drains Looking for a place to stay in Gunzenhausen? When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission, which supports our community. 2023 Gruven Parts. If there is blockage, proceed to the next step. Anyhow, the dealer allegedly fixed this problem today, implementing a factory recall that VW implemented on Monday this week. Up close: Apparently this is a know problem with this vehicle and Volkswagen doesnt want to put out a recall. A weedwacker line is pictured sticking in one of the drains. be tested or charged. Pushing the mudguard in slightly I easily found the silted up spider flap and pulled it off. 2013 Volkswagen Tiguan. WARNING NOT SHARP Tor2- T25 tournevis. Whenthis occurs, the water backs up into the sunroof tray and overflows into the car. No replacement of parts. Whenever a glass panel, a motor, the tilting mechanism or the sun shade is Reset the motors of the panoramic sunroof and blind. Open the sunroof and front doors. Volkswagen Tiguan Service and Repair Manual / Body exterior / Sunroof Panorama Sunroof Glass Panel, Removing and Installing Rear Glass Panel, Removing and Installing Front and Rear Glass Panel Height, Adjusting Glass Sunroof Panel Seals, Replacing Outer Seal, Replacing and Installing Wind Deflector, Removing and Installing 3: push button start replaced 4: rear climate control screen replaced If you live in a treed area, it can happen more often as there is larger particles floating around in the air which would eventually plug the drains. Next using a hose attached to the blow gun, push the hose in the drain and then allow the air to push out the clog. Incorrect assembly in production allows too much length in the sunroof drain between the second and third securing clips. This is one of the WORST parts Ive experienced with owning a VW. The car is always parked in a garage so I wonder how so much gunk could acumulate in such short period of time? In July 2011, Tiguan went through restyling. What's voa and can you give me details on class action lawsuit so I can get involved? Volkswagen. Also, the passenger and driver seats no longer heat up. A known problem on our famous panoramic sunroof is that the orifices even the drain pipes of it are clogged because of the dirt (agglomeration of small leaf, dust, sand etc).Well see together how we can Clean VW AUDI sunroof drain pipes this before the car turns into a pool . It's both a part of your vehicle's engine cooling system and the climate control system. This DIY was completed ENTIRELY by the hardestworking VW Vortex moderator on the site!! Please give credit where credit is due! Here is have a small compressor with a regulator which can control the air pressure, so using the regulator, I like to keep the pressure at around 30psi. The four drain tube nipples are shown in the pics below. If diesel, the AddBlue tank prevents reaching the OSR drain tube. Reihenmotor5 . By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. When I periodically flush the tubes (on our slightly sloping drive) the three tubes which have the spider flaps removed flow freely but the OSR although letting some water through does get water splashes in the boot near the curtesy light. Removed all four traps this afternoon. From underneath the left side, locate the sunroof drain to the rear of the wheel well housing liner. In the mk3 passat the drain outputs are in the fender well and not visible. If at any time you do not feel comfortable attempting to clean it, stop and consult with a registered Volkswagen technician. explosion during testing, charging or j 2018-2023 Copyright www.vwtiguan.org - 0.0076, Volkswagen Tiguan Service and Repair Manual > Battery, Charging: Battery Charger -VAS5900-, Volkswagen Tiguan Service and Repair Manual, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, 6-Speed Manual Transmission 02Q, OBB, and OFB, Vehicle Electrical System Control Module 2. 2: front sway bar links went bad and needed replaced. First generation The car was introduced in 2007 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, in the same year at the motor show in Shanghai Volkswagen introduced Tiguan HY Motion on hydrogen fuel cells. Rear. The opening of front glass panel is pre-selected using the rotary knob -1-. Shop Volkswagen Tiguan Drain hose grommet. The holes at the other locations are similar. Will have to vacuum on a regular basis as this must be the air intake point for the cabin I presume. Rear glass. Drain. Hose. Copyright 2023 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media. Save Share. RightSEDAN, Rightrear - OEM Volkswagen Part # 5C6877233 (5C6-877-233) VW Parts and Accessories Online Store. Select "Guided Functions" in the Vehicle Diagnostic Tester. Flexible rod (weed trimmer string is best). Those tubes run through the door pillars and drain through to the rocker panels. The adaptation is done using the Vehicle Diagnostic Tester.

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