how much do stock f150 wheels weighhow much do stock f150 wheels weigh is a tire & wheel fitment guide for cars. *Horsepower and torque ratings based on premium fuel per SAE J1349 standard. The Ford F150 is a fantastic truck to modify and allows you a whole range of options even in standard/stock form. Replacing 16 inch steel wheels with aluminum should save 5 pounds per wheel. So if you have an F-150, you should be able to easily use it to pull a lightweight travel trailer or fifth-wheel camper. Anyone know what the weight of the factory 22" limited rims? vehicle IMO wheel weight should be the last. FUN READ: Difference between 33-inch and 35-inch Tires (Size/Weight/Height). Post by 97flairside Mon Nov 24, 2003 11:29 pm. The table below shows all 1995 Ford F-150 specs by style, including MPG (fuel economy), transmission details, and interior and exterior dimensions. Rim and tire combo weighed in at 72 lbs. You want to go 10 wide and -24 offset. Many F150 owners have confirmed that you can remove the front crash bars and swap them around with the passengers side crash bar. To find out specifically how much your F150 can tow you can either search the VIN number online or locate the towing capacity in the door jam. Matilda Magnetic build 2019 6.5' bed crew cab fx4 heavy tow.. 0000005576 00000 n The stock C rated tire should be considerably lighter. Both were the 4WD models. . See the latest updates and learn more about the Wheel Fitment API! Search Form for vehicle model, tire size or rims, Switch to LT-High Flotation Tire Sizing System, Knowledge sharing and collaboration platform on Ford F-150 wheel fitment specs, Backspacing, Min-Max Offset, Tire Weight and other. If necessary, you can filter them by sales distribution region. Weight - 29lbs Stock Tremor Tires: Duratrac LT285/75R18 tires have a section width of 11.2" with a rim width range of "7.5"-9.5". WB 145-in. 16 - diameter of the wheel (disk) in inches. 0000004215 00000 n All dimensions (in.) But the benefits of lighter wheels don't stop there. Please take a look at the Demo to see it in action. - Run-flat tires If you match your new wheels to the bolt pattern and the size of the ones you already have, you can make your truck look its best. Members can start their own topics & subscribe to topics The pitch circle diameter (PCD) of a Ford F-150 is determined by the imaginary circle drawn from the wheel lug centers. Size: 22" x 9". With 13 inch front wheels and 14 inch back wheels, the ability of the Raptor R to traverse sand and rocks is excellent. Interesting!!! If youre looking for a way to make your F150 more capable off-road, then installing Raptor wheels is a great choice. 1995 Ford F-150 Specs & Safety. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, How To Install A Tachometer In A Ford F-150. Even weirder Toyo's new C rated 315 MT weighs 80 but the E rated weighs 76 Mar 21, 2019 #8 T Truckzor The stock BFG KM tire is 48 lbs. This means that the wheels sit 12mm further inward than your stock wheels. Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information,, 2006 F150 5.4 Sputtering - New thread CONDENSED. Jun 16, 2012. bump, i want to know how much my stock 01 rims weigh too. So what are the biggest tires you can fit on a stock F150? If you dont want to remove them permanently, you can always just unbolt them when youre ready to install the wheels. of such an application. The raptor is heavier at 6,650 to 7,050 pounds, while the king ranch weighs in at. R Realspeed Dan Authorized Advertiser Joined Dec 20, 2004 1,020 Posts If you are familiar with how the vehicle works and are good at it, a rear-wheel drive vehicle is more likely to work well in snow. General discussion on 2009 - 2014 Ford F150 truck. This is the inner size of the tire or the outer size of the rim 2.6 oz. On a 97 f150 4x4 how much do the stock 17's weigh? It may be possible to gain some flexibility with the wheels width, whereas its diameter may be more strictly enforced. 0W20 vs 0W30 Oil: Whats the Difference and Which Is Better? Get detailed information on the 1999 Ford F-150 including specifications and data that includes dimensions, engine specs, warranty, standard features, options, and more. 0000007929 00000 n ), 2023 Car, Truck and Vehicle How To Guides - Vehicle Freak. xref : M12 x 1.25 Can I Use H-Rated Tires Instead of V-Rated Tires? 2010 F150 SVT Raptor - 2,869 pounds. 34 or 36lbs each if i recall. Front; 12.1 . Lug Pattern: 5 x 100, Lug Thread: 12 x 1.25, Lug Torque: 65 ft/lbs, Lug Nut size is 19MM. If you click them and make a purchase, we may earn a small commission. The rears were a bit more worn so I weighed just the fronts. Under the hood and stretching to the rear axle, 1989 was a complete carry over from 1988. If you are worried about performance I don't think it will make a difference. Weights (lb.) Manage Preferences - The widget is easy to use, it has a user-friendly interface and powerful Widget API! You're referring to a ~3ton (that's a 6,000LB+-) vehicle that is (or can be) used for towing and/or hauling loads which will only increase it's weight. (It is the diameter, not the radius!). UNF - Unified National Fine Thread, 215 is the tire width in mm Wheels. each. BFG does not publish the weight of the OEM C rated 315 (at least that I have seen). 20-Inch Polished Aluminum Wheels; Chrome Mirror Caps; A Platinum F150 also comes with several additional features that allow for more safe travels: . Register a free account today to become a member! - Link comes to the calculator page for comparison A stock Ford F-150 has a wheel travel of six inches. Payload: 1,670 lbs. The hole in the center of a rim that corresponds to the hubs diameter is known as a hub bore. There may be a chance to swap out wheels if they share the same bolt pattern and the same locking hubs. Detailed specs and features for the Used 1995 Ford F-150 including dimensions, horsepower, engine, capacity, fuel economy, transmission, engine type, cylinders, drivetrain and more. 0000010791 00000 n What is a Ford F150 Courtesy Wipe (and How Do You Disable it? Matilda Magnetic build 2019 6.5' bed crew cab fx4 heavy tow.. Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. 0000007218 00000 n . Trimming or removing your fender flares is another way to make room for Raptor wheels. On a 97 f150 4x4 how much do the stock 17's weigh? How Much Rhodium Is in a Catalytic Converter? This is the distance the wheel can travel before it hits the end of its suspension travel. This is big news because it helps lower fuel consumption and reduces brake wear. Tirerack lists the OEM Pirelli P Zero Summer Tires as 34 lbs. The tires included with a new vehicle when it is purchased. by 97flairside Mon Nov 24, 2003 4:29 pm, Post Okay, lets get back to the biggest wheel sizes. Privacy Statement - That means a 4.9 liter I-6 and a five-speed manual transmission as standard in the F-150/250/250 HD regular cab with two-wheel drive. Max cargo capacity: 17 cu.ft. A more negative offset rim might look tough, however, there is more risk of rubbing at the arches at full articulation. The wider stance and larger tires of the Raptor wheels also improve your trucks towing and hauling capabilities. It features state-of-the-art turbos and a 10.5:1 compression ratio delivering 450 horsepower and a massive 510 lb.-ft. of torque. Source for tire and wheel application fitment data Last Update: March 3, 2023, 2:55 p.m. News VCdb Integration F-150 King Ranch 2WD SuperCrew 5.5' Box Package Includes Price starting at $64,660 Drivetrain Rear Wheel Drive Engine Order Code 995 Engine Type and Required Fuel Regular Unleaded V-8. Once signed in, you'll be able to participate on this site by adding your own topics and posts, as well as connect with other members through your own private inbox! Unfortunately I no longer have exact weight but it was an ~10 lb reduction per tire & wheel. I weighed mine because I wanted to know the same thing. 0000003539 00000 n Towing Capacity: 6,200 lbs. How Do You Use a Wheel Stud Installer Tool? What's going on just curious . On a road trip don't have access to the truck , wondering if anyone knows the weight of the stock 18" wheels. OE tires are specifically chosen by the vehicle manufacturer to make the most of the vehicle's performance characteristics. The beadlocks weigh in around 36-37 (not sure about the newest version, they look a little lighter). Lets look at a few of the most popular reasons. Bolt Pattern: 6 x 135mm. The stock Good-for-a-year tire is 36 lbs. Running a 2-inch suspension lift kit with 35-inch tires is probably the most popular setup for an F150. Gross vehicle weight: 5,600 lbs. Although the F150 originally designated the trucks tow capacity as half a ton (or 1,000 lbs) the Gross combined weight rating for the 5.0L V8 engine available (a 3.7L V6 and 3.5L ecoboost V6 are options on the truck as well) can tow up to 15,300 lbs. A high-quality tire can stretch to 5 mm on some surfaces. one thing about tires, the closer you look, the techier it gets and you can really go down the rabbit hole. WOW! They also weigh 60lbs Good Tire Calculator to use: Wheel Offset Calculator Use our wheel offset calculator to visualize the new tire position when changing wheel and tire sizes. The F-150 has a wider stance than the Raptor, which gives it better stability on the road. Offset is the distance in millimetres from the centre line of the wheel to the wheels mounting face. To get these numbers, customers have to order the F-150 with a regular cab, the largest bed (8 in length), and two packages: the Trailer Tow and Heavy-Duty Payload. Show more. It also features new high-power fans built into the cooling system to ensure intense off-roading sessions never end too early. This truck can withstand anything Mother Nature throws at it, thanks to its full-time and part-time four-wheel drive options, as well as a variety of driving modes. If you shop at (for anything), use this link to help support! Good Read: Gas Mileage Difference Between 33 and 35 Tires (MPG vs SIZE). Contact Us - The reasoning behind this is the slight curvature on the crash bar will be just enough to allow the wheels to turn at full lock without touching. If you are prepared to fit a leveling kit, you can squeeze a 35x12.5, 18x9 AT tire on. Check out for a comprehensive collection of rim, tire and suspension setups with feedback from owners. Can't help you with the wheel alone, but the rim and a Pirelli with ~6500 miles of wear rang in at 81.6 lbs on the bathroom scale. Its free and only takes a minute, Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 0 guests, Powered by phpBB Forum Software phpBB Limited. 35 lbs if Bridgestones tire information is correct for the 275 55 20 HL alenza weighing 38 lbs. on this page are for base models with standard equipment. Start with 18" aluminum wheels with dark matte finish, then add the 3.5L EcoBoost V6 Engine & explore the standard off-road front & rear shocks with Tremor Logo on the rear. Source for tire and wheel application fitment data. How Much Oil Should I Use For A 1990 Ford F150 Oil Change. The offset of the Raptor wheels is -12mm. This is done using a Dremel tool or a similar rotary tool. Assuming everything else is stock, including rims and suspension, just a leveling kit. Does anyone know and what rims are known for helping in weight reductions??? The thirteenth generation of the F-15 is demonstrated in this video during its winter test. The world's largest wheel fitment database. Just for interest, this is a Harley front wheel in 2.5x19 that I thought about using, until I weighed it at 15 lbs. Does anyone know what the OEM 20" FX4 wheels weigh? Wheels and Tires. Reply Like The following 3 users liked this post by aandrews109: 0000012874 00000 n by jofomo Sun Aug 15, 2004 7:20 pm, Post 2003 Ford F150 Technical Specifications POWERTRAIN Powertrain/Chassis Engine Type 4.2L V-6 4.6L Triton V-8 5.4L Triton V-8 Drivetrain Layout Rear or 4-wheel drive Rear or 4-wheel drive Rear or 4-wheel drive Valvetrain OHV, 2 Valves per cylinder SOHC, 2 Valves per cylinder SOHC, 2 Valves per cylinder Bore/Stroke (in.) 0000027881 00000 n 2010 F150 4.6L 2V 44 - 4,951 pounds. 4-Wheel drives and off-road driving techniques has been my passion for over 20 years. Theyre wider and have a more aggressive tread pattern than your stock wheels. We are currently working on improving the quality of the data for the North America region related to matching trim levels from Vehicle Configuration Database (VCdb) with our database. GEN 2 (2017-2020) Ford F-150 Raptor Forums, Ford F-150 Raptor General Discussions [GEN 2]. The larger tires help to reduce rolling resistance, which means your engine doesnt have to work as hard to move the truck. The Ford in question was the 2021 F-150 King Ranch SuperCrew with a 6.5' bed, and the Silverado 1500 was the Custom Trail Boss edition with a Double Cab. Unless you are going huge the aftermarket rim won't be much heavier than stock. Location Calgary, Alberta, Canada Vehicles 2021 F-150 Powerboost - Leadfoot Nov 3, 2021 Thread starter #1 Trying to figure out if moving to a Venom Rex 20" wheel has any advantages over looks (the VR601 weighs 28.4 pounds). 14.2 oz. You wont be able to fit Raptor wheels on an F-150 without making some modifications. Driving in snow in a Ford F-150 is a great option. 2011 F150 XL 2WD Regular Cab - 4,795 pounds. It has a number of safety features, including traction control and brake assist. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. If you opt for a more aggressive AT or MT tire, you will experience increased road noise inside the cabin. I just dropped the spare tire to pull the tailpipes to powder coat the tips. We strive to help you get the information you need about PCD, offset, rims and all other wheel and tire data that you need for your vehicle. In addition, there are five different tire sizes for the Ford F-150, depending on how well your SuperDuty truck performs. The engine has seen some revisions since then, the most recent being in 2018. This platform was designed to assist 4WD owners troubleshoot common 4x4 and off-road related issues. 1969 Mach 1 351W. Our team of automotive experts work hard to bring you the latest information about all things Ford, so you can make an informed decision about your next car purchase. This is because you often need to make modifications to your truck, such as installing a lift kit. I plasti dipped my 20 inch stock platinum rims to see if I like black rims on my truck. I can't say for any of the other factory 20 inch wheels offered or wheels of any other size. $20/tire difference. 2010 F150 5.4L 44 - 5,083 pounds. Canada. Generally, F-150s can only safely pull trailers weighing less than 5,000 pounds. Here are some of the things can do: A lift kit is probably the most popular way to make room for Raptor wheels. Part of me is thinking that smart people at Ford Performance have been too busy with Bronco and Raptor to get this truck absolutely right. The most comprehensive tire comparison tool suitable for cars, SUVs. 0000050537 00000 n 22. Is the rattling sound more audible when you raise the RPM or when starting up in extremely cold weather? The information on this page was obtained from a factory Ford brochure given to salesmen at the beginning of the 1967 model year, to acquaint the sales staff with the new upcoming models. What Size Travel Trailer Can A F-150 Pull? Strong operations professional graduated from Highland High School. May 28, 2020. 0000057306 00000 n If you are familiar with measurements in the metric system, the wheel diameter can be converted into millimeters by multiplying it by 25.4. In most cases, the more aggressive, the noisier. The 351 Windsor V-8 delivered close to 20 extra horsepower over the . Ford's supercrew model is a popular. wheel weights are a consumable material like gasoline. 0000004818 00000 n This is the Falken specs for the OE tires: Off a 19 limited 20 inch. Future 2021 F150 Powerboost Full Hybrid Nov 1, 2021 Thread starter #1 I had been looking all over for the full wheel and tire weight on the 20" platinum wheel and hankook dynapro at2 set up. Rim width (inches) x rim diameter (inches), ISO standard Ex. Installing Raptor wheels on your F150 is a great way to improve its off-road performance. The program allows this site to link and advertise with This gives your truck a wider stance and improves its off-road capabilities. It is typically expressed in millimeters and can be positive or negative. Our goal is also to educate beginners on off-road driving dynamics and safe driving techniques. 0000006263 00000 n 0000014726 00000 n Try our new Rim & Tire Size Calculator! That equates to 3512.5. 2002 Ford F150 Specifications. Unless you're make a single-purpose, straight-line, etc. WB 145-in. by John Adams | Jan 18, 2023 | Popular Models. 16xs7. 2010 Ford F-150 Air Conditioner: Where Is It Located? If you have a 4 lift then the better choice would be a 3312.5 on a negative -24 offset. Copyright 2000-var year=new Date(); year=year.getYear(); if (year<1900) year+=1900; document.write(year); is in no way affiliated with Ford Motor Company. The pitch circle diameter (PCD) of a Ford F-150 is determined by the imaginary circle drawn from the wheel lug centers. Yup, rotational mass is like losing 5 lbs for every 1lb of actual weight reduced. Nominal diameter (mm) x pitch (mm), UN-series Ex. Differences Between Ford Lightning & F-150. These aftermarket XD wheels are lighter than the factory wheels. 94 Mustang GT. 32 0 obj The stock F150 can only fit up to a 3011.50 tire. Yes, we know it can done and is rather popular, but lets see what is possible with the stock F150 suspension. Just weighted the 20" all black wheels and they were 32 lbs. The more negative the offset, the more the wheel will stick out. The safe bet here would be a minimum 6 lift kit or leveling kit. OP OP FULLSCALE Well-Known Member First Name Adam Joined Jan 7, 2019 Threads 39 Messages 2,049 Reaction score 2,149 Location So, youre keen to know the biggest tire size you can fit on a Ford F150? Wheels Diameter: 17 Rim Type: Silver aluminum Width: 7.5 Windows Rear defogger: Rear defogger Standard Features Optional Features Learn More About Ford F-150 Get pricing on a Ford F-150 <>]/Pages 24 0 R/Type/Catalog/ViewerPreferences<>>> They are pretty much the same thing just the measurement taken from either the front or the back. 0000015633 00000 n 0000055255 00000 n Thread size (in) - thread pitch This is because they provide more contact with the ground, which gives you better traction. Engine: Ford 5.4L V-8 w/ Forged Internals: Supercharger: Eaton Gen IV Supercharger, Water-To-Air Intercooler: Displacement: 5.4 Liters, 330 Cubic Inches: . And the rear 3.0x18 is 10 lbs. My next purchase will be aftermarket rims. Source for tire and wheel application fitment data Last Update: Feb. 21, 2023, 3:13 p.m. VCdb Integration Best Daily updates! 0000016106 00000 n The more positive the offset, the closer it will sit to the inside of the wheel arch. According to Goodyear, the SRAs weigh 39 lbs. That being said, does anyone have any info on how much the stock wheels weigh? I went from my 20" wheels clad chrome with the Scorpion tire to 18" with a good year tire. Its tough, reliable, and can haul just about anything you need it to. You want a rim (AND tire) that can handle and exceed the stresses, limits, etc. I'm going to do my clutch soon, and I'm trying to decide whether I should just turn a stock flywheel or replace it with something lighter. Please select the 2022 Ford F-150 vehicle modifications below and check tables to get wheel size, tire size, bolt pattern (PCD), rim offset and other wheel fitment parameters. Backspacing: 6.73". OUCH! 0000047161 00000 n There are several reasons why Raptor wheels are a popular choice for F150 owners. Check out the amazing features on the 2023 Ford F-150 Tremor Truck. Additionally, find 1995 Ford F-150 warranty and reliability information, such as limits on bumper-to-bumper coverage and major components. Raptor wheels are designed for off-road performance. Theyre wider and have a more aggressive offset than your stock wheels. If you decide to fit the biggest tire you can squeeze inside the wheel arch, keep in mind you will experience a drop in MPG, but nothing too significant unless you go 37 tires or bigger. . The Lightest Ford F150 In Any Trim Which Is A 42 Wheel Drive System With A. This can have an impact on your trucks fuel economy and performance. Sponsored OP RyanStroeder Joined Nov 1, 2021 Threads 21 The lightest F-150 trucks weigh around 4,000 pounds, but when you start adding on equipment, the weight increases by a few hundred pounds. But before you buy a set of Raptor wheels, theres one important question you need to answer is whether they will fit on your F150. 0000017296 00000 n F813EA77-42BD-41C5-8954-A8B4B91CFFED.jpeg. Search Form for vehicle model, tire size or rims, Switch to LT-High Flotation Tire Sizing System, Backspacing, Min-Max Offset, Tire Weight and other. (ALL CAUSES), link to F150 Ecoboost Rattling Noise When Accelerating - SOLVED, Gas Mileage Difference between 33 and 35 Tires MPG vs SIZE, What is the Biggest Tires for a Stock F150, 4 Wheel Drive Wont Engage Ford F150 (SOLVED), Ford F150 Life Expectancy and Max Miles (2.7 vs 3.5), Biggest wheel you can fit on a stock F150 Fitment Guide, Biggest wheel you can fit on stock an F150 Fitment Guide, What Size Lift for 35 Inch Tires F150 FITMENT GUIDE, For a comparison to more modern casting technology, I've also included a pair of TZ250 racing wheels. Select your Ford model on the page to narrow your search. I was searching for the same thing, My laramie has the sport rims, but it would be interesting to see the weights of the whole rim lineup. Thanks for joining us! The Raptor has improved suspension and a variety of driving modes in order to be the best truck for challenging driving conditions. Toyo AT3 35x11.5 - ten lbs heavier than OEM KO2 Titan7 T-AK1 -forged and ten lbs lighter than OEM wheel I would guess the stock non beadlock combo weighs 87 pounds (31+56). Ford F150 Curb Weight Examples. JavaScript is disabled. All-season tires in the Ford F-150 are 245/70 R17 BSW, and 17-inch silver steel wheels are standard. Its quite an aggressive look and there definitely will be some trimming required to make them fit perfectly. We gathered modified Ford F-150 cars from around the world to see what factors were important to the owners in balancing wheel size, rims width, backspacing, wheel offsets, and suspension height. Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information -, By logging into your account, you agree to our. Not only will it eliminate most of the hassle of having to trim away plastic, but it also enhances the appearance of your truck. endstream Experienced General Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the automotive industry. for a Sport, 73 lbs. 70 0 obj Here are other Ford reads that you may find helpful: Ford F150 Life Expectancy Miles How Long Do They Last? Rough Country 4 Suspension Lift Kit With Premium N3 Series Rear Shocks, 11-14 Ford F150. Is the rattling sound audible at the very first part of the throttle or does it occur at any time irrespective if the engine temperature is at operational level or cold? Big-ups to these guys for creating this resource! Disclaimer: Links on this page pointing to Amazon, eBay and other sites may include affiliate code. But sometimes you may want to take your F150 to the next level and one way to do that is by adding a set of Raptor wheels. 0000002924 00000 n Just for reference, heres some I have weighed. Tire Weight and other. Review and Buy used cars online at OOYYO. That's in large part because of an immovable weight at its core: an 1,800-pound battery. Well look into that in more detail and what it means if you do decide to remove them to fit oversized tires. : 7J x 15 WXman said: There's no way a stock setup only weighs 54 lbs. 0000000016 00000 n Oh an my new tires are just a touch larger than my old ones. The size of the hole in the center of a wheel is known as the center bore or centerbore. 2021 FORD F-150 *Available summer 2021. Can this be done? include standard equipment, fuel, water and oil. Source for tire and wheel application fitment data Last Update: March 2, 2023, 8:30 a.m. These wheels are designed for off-road performance and will give your truck a whole new look. Now that we know what it takes to install Raptor wheels on your F150, lets talk about why you should choose them in the first place. Ford F-150 2016, 22" Replica 6 Double-Spoke Black Alloy Factory Wheel by OE Wheels. Plus, the 35-inch tires will improve your towing and hauling capabilities. A trim is less permanent and can be reversed if you decide to go back to your stock setup. /';P ?SV~yK\A"I I just weighed a bare wheel, 39.2#. Get more tips from these other VehicleFreak articles: 3512.5 on 1810 -44 wheels you will require a leveling kit as well as minor plastic trimming. Number of doors: 2; Rear cargo: tailgate; Rear step bumper . - Tire Pressure I can't seem to find it and would like to compare the stock setup to an aftermarket wheel that I am looking at. Tire pressure is a vehicle's recommended cold tire inflation pressure. However, If you intend to go off-road at some point, the higher the sidewall, the better your traction once its deflated. 0000016975 00000 n I'll update my original post, but the stock 20 x 8 inch wheels on the 2016 F-250 Platinum weigh approx. More important than the diameter, if we are looking purely from a fitment point of view, is the offset of the wheel and the backspacing. This gives you better traction and stability when driving on rough terrain. If you want a complete list of all potential tire and wheel sizes ranging from wheel sizes 17-22 with tire width combinations then click here: Biggest wheel you can fit on a stock F150 Fitment Guide. The largest tires you can fit on a stock F150 without removing the crash bars are 33-34-inch without severe rubbing. Load Rating: 2200 Lbs. So, essentially the same weight for each. %PDF-1.3 % Drivetrain Rear Wheel Drive. It is measured in bars or PSI (pounds per square inch). It may not display this or other websites correctly. The site for Ford truck owners, by Ford truck owners. FORD F-150 BRAKES Front Type Power anti-lock vented disc Front rotor/drum diameter/thickness/material 350 mm x 34 mm, Iron Front caliper configuration 2 x 54mm Sliding Caliper Front pad material FER9 Front Swept area 51547.25 mm2 Rear type Power anti-lock vented disc Rear rotor 336mm x 24, Iron, (8.8 axle less 5.0-liter Ti-VCT V8) 0000015141 00000 n - Steel wheels Hub Size: 87mm. 0000001116 00000 n Designed to comply with OE wheel standards Direct replacement, will perfectly fit your vehicle $301.75 How Much Ground Clearance Does an F-150 Have? Remember rim diameter doesnt really matter since that only affects the sidewall profile. In snow, front-wheel drive vehicles have a significant advantage over back-wheel drive vehicles due to their increased weight over the front axles. Finally got my take offs and weighed them. $!06FQ@86 `g#z|7L You wont be able to use the Raptor wheels on a stock F150 since they are 3212.50s, thus youd need to level and trim to make them fit. Originally Posted by DeerHunter. 0000047500 00000 n However, this does not mean you can not have Raptor wheels, it just means you will need to make some modifications to your truck. weekly hotels sevierville, tn,

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