Mid Range Spin Bikes

New ASUNA 5100 Magnetic Bike Review

ASUNA 5100 Magnetic Belt Exercise Bike

Exercise bikes are a fantastic way to get fitter and healthier as they offer a low-impact, safe cardiovascular workout.   Cycling on an exercise bike is not only good for weight loss, but with regular activity you can decrease your blood pressure and improve your heart health.   The Asuna 5100 bike can be used for both easier and harder workouts, …

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Proform 490 SPX Indoor Cycle Trainer Review

ProForm SPX 490

  For the latest Price Click Here >>> Ok I am going to be upfront here.  I don't like this bike and struggle to recommend it.  Save your money and go for a bike that has a belt drive. The chain on this is old technology that is outdated and outclassed now.  There are no drop handlebars, and finally (this …

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Diamondback Fitness 510Ic Indoor Cycle Trainer Review

One of the best fitness machines available in the market is the Diamond Fitness 510Ic Indoor Cycle. This is not just marketing fluff- Amazon reviewers have scored this bike a massive 4.9 out of 5. The highest score I have ever seen on a fitness bike review, it also won the 2012 Best Buy award from Fit Prof for best …

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