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Upright Exercise Bike Reviews

Chase Down Your Fitness Goal with the Weslo Pursuit R 2.2

Weslo Pursuit R 2.2

Chase Down Your Fitness Goal with the Weslo Pursuit R 2.2 Cardiovascular exercise has far-reaching effects besides simply being good for your lungs and legs. The heart and circulatory system also get a good workout when you exert yourself through cardio. Your metabolism can actually be altered by consistent cardio and, obviously, weight loss can occur. Everyone knows getting enough …

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Weslo Pro CTX Exercise Bike Review

Weslo Pro CTX Exercise Bike

If you’re one of those people who dread exercise, here’s a great spinning bike that will easily make you change your mind. The Weslo Pro CTX is designed with durability and comfort in mind to make exercising as enjoyable as can be… all without leaving the confines of your home. Truth is – with a positive mindset and the right …

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Body Champ Magnetic Cardio Dual Trainer BRM2720 Review

    For the latest price click here >>> If you’re no longer feeling challenged with your everyday workout routine, it’s about time you level up with a two-in-one fitness product designed to break through a workout plateau and keep you from getting bored. The Body Champ BRM2720 Magnetic Cardio Dual Trainer is a revolutionary product created for people who …

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