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New Schwinn 170 Upright Bike and Comparison with the new Schwinn 130

Cycling is one of the best forms of exercise and for those who can’t afford to go on actual cycling exercises, a nice cycling machine in your home gym is your best friend. Finding a cycling bike that is perfect for your frame, preference and workout regimen is important. Click here to see the latest price >>> This is why …

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How to Get Rid of Back Fat and Stubborn Love Handles

Usually, when people talk about their love handles, mid-section and other problem areas, they’re talking about spot-reducing the fat there. This isn’t a viable solution, as the human body doesn’t really respond to attempts at spot-reduction for the following reason: you’re only getting deposits in those regions because you have too much fat elsewhere – as in, you overall body …

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Choosing the best knee support for you!

Whether you are new to exercise, or an old hand, every now and then you will feel a twinge or mild pain in the knee. Nearly all the time this is perfectly normal and will (with a little care- possibly from a good knee support) go away by itself. However if, even taking it easy or using support you still …

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