Strength Training Equipment Guide

When it comes to strength training at home there are dozens of options.  We have compiled some of the best here, from full home gyms, to smaller and more affordable equipment to get you started whatever your budget.

Home Gyms:

With systems from Bowflex and Golds there are two options for a full home gym, either stacks of weights, or the Bowflex Power Bar system.  Both work really well, Bowflex have built a huge business on the back of their PowerBars.  Other systems use more traditional stacks of weights.  They are simple to use and understand, but they are more heavy and if you live in an upstairs apartment and want to be quiet might be a better choice. Bowflex Equipemnt Reviews

Adjustable Dumbbell Reviews

When it comes to starting out there is nothing that can beat a pair of dumbbells.  With a good set of adjustable dumbbells and a little imagination then you can workout virtually every muscle in the body. There are again two options with adjustable dumbbells, the square or the round versions.  Both work just as well, and have their backers. The most popular brand is Bowflex, with their 552 SelectTech model. however for quality, performance and ease of use we would recommend the PowerBlock Elite 90. Adjustable Dumbbell Reviews

BOSU Standard Balance Trainer Review

Invented in 1999 as an alternative to a standard exercise ball, the BOSU (short for Both Sides Up) the Bosu Balance Trainer reviewed here has become a standard piece of equipment for gyms across the country. Basically its a swiss ball that has been cut in half and mounted on a plastic base.  It can be used for dozens of …

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How to build a perfect home gym

Power Max Home Gym

Imagine the freedom of being able to exercise whenever you like, free from distaction and interuption, right on your doorstep! No monthly fees, no commute there and back, no strangers watching your every move.  Open 24 hours! With minimal expense and just a little planning, you can easily create the perfect refuge and build a great home gym that will …

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Total Gym Cyclo Trainer Review

At Optimum Fitness we are big fans of anything that can make your workout easier to carry out.  Part of the Total Gym Range the Total Gym Cyclo trainer is perfect for upgrading your existing workout equipment. Click here for the latest price >>> One of the biggest problems equipping a home gym is space.  The biggest benefit of this …

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