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Ironman 3000 Inversion Table Review


The Ironman 3000 Inversion Table from Ironman fitness is one of the best selling inversion tables on the market. If you have not heard of it then it may be because its recently be re branded from the popular Ironman 5800 model.  If you are here looking for the 5800 model then you have found it! Read our full review of …

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Teeter Hang Ups EP-950 Invertion Table Review

At the more premium end of the inversion table range comes the outstanding Teeter Hang Ups EP-950.  While not the cheapest on the market, it does come packed with great features that will really help you with your sore back.  Strong and stable you can really feel confidant using this Inversion Table.  In this comprehensive review we will see if …

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Health Mark Pro Inversion Therapy Table Review

Health Mark Pro Inversion Table Review

When my back started to feel some twinges I started to research the different options for inversion tables, and have posted some of the best tables here. The great thing about the Health Mark Pro was that it offered a great combination of safety, movement and stability...

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