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Best bluetooth speakers and wireless microphone headsets for group exercise and fitness instructors

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Look AND sound like an outstanding fitness instructor.

We review the very best portable PA speakers and wireless microphone headsets.  With clear vocals and motivational music, your classes will become more popular than ever!

Portable Bluetooth PA speakers









Improvements in technology now mean that fitness instructors can play music and instruct via wireless microphones, without wasting time connecting up music systems.  There’s no danger of cables becoming tangled up, CDs skipping, or embarrassing dodgy connections and interference.

Crisp, smooth sounds, even at loud volumes, have improved the quality of fitness classes forever more.

Simply connect to a PA speaker using bluetooth on your phone or tablet.  Most PA speakers also have USB ports and audio input ports, if you do need to connect via cables.

What do I need to consider when buying a portable bluetooth PA speaker?

The four most important considerations are:

  1. Wattage (audio output)?
  2. Battery or Mains powered?
  3. Bluetooth enabled?
  4. Weight of speaker?

Audio Output

The wattage usually determines how good the quality of sound will be a higher volumes.   An important consideration is how big your class size is (or could be) and what the size and height of the room you are teaching in is.  The bigger the class and room, the more sound you will need to fill it!  Unless you have a very small class in a very small room (e.g. teaching yoga to 4-6 people), we would recommend at least 50 watts of amplifier power.

Battery or Mains Powered?

A PA system that is battery powered is completely portable with no reliance on cables/power sockets/electricity supply.  However, battery powered PA system tend to lack the amplifier power required by fitness instructors, as mentioned above.  We would therefore recommend a PA system that is mains powered, but also has a battery-powered option (as a back-up).

Bluetooth Enabled

This is currently the most effective way of connecting a phone or tablet to your PA system, so it is essential that your speaker is bluetooth enabled.  As a back-up, it is helpful if there is also a USB port and audio input port, so you can connect with cable should the bluetooth connectivity malfunction.

Weight of Speaker

If you are teaching classes in different locations, the weight of the speaker will be a consideration.  Technology is improving, but speakers with larger amplifier power also tend to be larger is size and weight.  A really useful addition are wheels and a trolley handle, so you can roll into class with your ‘speaker suitcase’!

The three best portable bluetooth PA speakers for fitness instructors

  • 100% Waterproof and dustproof - meets IP67 international standards
  • Drop the Eco boulder in your pool, lake or ocean, no worries - it floats!
  • 100-Watts dynamic power amplifier for massive Sound ; SLA Rechargeable Battery
  • Play on standard AC wall power for continuous, or built in battery for 10 hours at full volume!
  • Waterproof smartphone and storage compartment with USB charging port keeps your devices close and powered!
  • Rockville RPG15 15" Active/Powered 1,000 Watts DJ/PA Speaker System. 250-Watt RMS/500 Watts Program Power/1000 Watts Peak.
  • High power long-throw 15'' woofer with 3" aluminum voice coil provides incredibly deep bass and acoustic power. Frequency Response: 35Hz-20KHz.
  • Maximum SPL @1w/1m: 128dB peak / 125dB continuous. High-power 2-way pro sound reinforcement speaker system for live sound and playback applications.
  • Compact and light weight system delivers distortion free sound even at extreme SPL. Linear Class AB amplifier technology: high power, transparent sonic performance.
  • Internal switch-mode power supply for low distortion audio with superior transient response. Built-in bass and treble equalization processor for ultimate system control and speaker protection.
  • State-of-the-art 1.35'' Japanese made pure titanium-diaphragm compression driver for crystal clear high-frequency reproduction. Ultra-wide dispersion, 40° large-format horizontal wave guide horn molded directly into cabinet.
  • Ultra-low noise Mic / Line input via XLR & 1/4-inch stereo jacks with volume control. Line RCA and XLR input with separate Gain adjustment.
  • Additional balanced line output via XLR for linking of additional speaker systems. Versatile trapezoidal enclosure design allows different positioning. Flyable and stand mounting with 35-mm pole socket.
  • Tilts on its side for use as a floor monitor with included brackets. Ergonomically shaped handle for easy carrying and setup. High-quality components and exceptionally rugged high impact ABS construction.
  • Amplifier clip limit LED indicator & power LED cabinet rear. Front display power meter Blue LED. 110 / 220 Volt switchable power supply with external user serviceable fusing. Dimensions : 15.67" X 15.57" X 26.93".
  • Compact size & lightweight with built-in rechargeable & replaceable high-capacity Li-ion battery, ideal for outdoor use. Powered by Lithium battery to last longer than any models on the market.
  • Built-in VHF wireless microphone system featuring one handheld microphone, one belt-pack transmitter with the options of either a lapel or a headset microphone for hands-free applications (only one wireless microphone can be used at any given time). Two microphone input ports available for additional microphone hook-up. It comes with Car cigarette lighter cable that you can run the system by car battery.
  • Award-winning Bluetooth technology enables wirelessly streaming music from any device such as your mobile phone, notebook, iPhone or iPad, plus auxiliary port for wired connection with an external audio device, for example, an MP3 player
  • Powerful 40 watts speaker delivers loud and clear sound even in a noisy environment
  • Different frequency sets available upon request if multiple units are to be used in close proximity

Hisonic HS120BT HL Portable PA System

Hisonic HS120BT

This portable speaker is one of the best sellers on Amazon for good reason.

With over 1000 reviews on Amazon and a solid 4 star rating, this is a ideal starter pack for fitness instructors looking for a basic, yet good quality speaker  that also comes with a wireless headset microphone!

Most PA speakers come with hand-held microphones, so this is a fantastic opportunity to buy a great speaker and microphone headset in one simple package.

Ideal for small fitness classes, due to the modest 40 watt amplifier:

Features include:

  • A belt-pack transmitter for use with the microphone headset
  • Bluetooth connectivity for simple wireless streaming of music from phone to speaker
  • Extremely lightweight!  It weighs only 4 pounds (2 KG).  There are no wheels, but it is still very portable due to it’s light weight!
  • Mains charger or up to 12 hours of battery life, with an in-built re-chargeable Li-on battery
  • Auxilary input for cable connectivity if required

What do Users Say?

“This speaker is just what I needed. I am a fitness instructor at multiple gyms and this is the second time I’ve purchased this product”

“My wife is teaching Barre in a local rec center.  We decided to look at this as it has a hand-held mic, lapel mic, and headphone mic. and was portable. What a great buy it was! The design seems a little old school, but the quality is superb. She uses the headphone mic and its light, relatively inconspicuous, and projects her voice really well”

“I teach exercise classes and the gym does not have a sound system for voice. I use this in class and can now enjoy the workout without having to yell ! The participants also love that they can actually hear everything I say!”

Any Cons?

The Hisonic HS120BT Speaker is very light, but it does not have wheels so must be carried using the convenient handle

It is a 40 watt speaker, which is sufficiently powerful for small classes held in small rooms, but will not be powerful enough for bigger classes in larger venues.

There is no USB connectivity

Our Summary