Recumbent Exercise Bikes Reviews and Buying Guide 2018

Sole Fitness R92 Recumbent Bike (New 2013 Model)

At Optimum-Fitness we are experts on Recumbent Exercise bikes, they are a regular part of our exercise routines and we know what makes a good bike, and which to avoid.  Thats why we have all the Recumbent Bike Reviews you need to choose your next exercise partner. We present the Best Buy Recumbent Bikes of     Click here to …

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Best Shoes and Kit for Spinning Classes

If you have just started Indoor Cycling, or Spinning, then you will probably want to get the right gear for the job, choosing the best shoes for spinning is really down to personal taste and what works for you.  In this guide we will take you through the best of the market, and show what to look for when it …

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Best Treadmill Reviews – 2018 Reviews and Guide

One of the most natural exercises your body can perform is running.  Humans are capable of amazing feats of endurance and can, providing they are fit enough, run for hours on end out running any other animal on the planet. Not everyone has the vast space required for running miles on end, and its far more convenient to exercise in …

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Sole Fitness: Our Full guide to the best fitness equipment in the world

Sole Fitness has become a household name in the States and Canada for its highly successful range of Treadmills, Ellipticals and Exercise Bikes. Now following their success in North America they have branched out into 11 countries round the world, giving access to millions more consumers.  If you visit their website you can see exactly where they are now shipping …

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Can you get a good workout from a Mini Stepper?

If you are tight for space, travel a lot or have a limited budget you may be tempted with a Mini Stepper.  These offer a convenient alternative to full sized steppers, but are you going to get the same workout? As long as you can get your heart rate up then any form of exercise is beneficial.  Mini Steppers are …

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Our Exercise Bike Reviews

These are all the bikes reviewed on Optimum Fitness: Upright Bikes: LifeSpan Fitness S1 Indoor Cycling Bike Spinner Blade Manufactured by Star Trac Spinner Fit Indoor Cycle Proform 490 SPX Indoor Cycle Trainer Stamina CPS 9300 Review Keiser M3 Plus Indoor Cycle Review Sole Fitness B94 Exercise Bike Body Champ BF700 Diamondback Fitness 510Ic Indoor Cycle Livestrong Indoor Cycle, LS9.9IC-2 …

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Elliptical Trainers By Price

We have dozens of elliptical trainers reviewed on Optimal To help you get started, work out your budget using this quick survey, then choose from your price bracket below.   $399 or less Elliptical Reviews IF you are new to Ellipticals then there are entry level options fro less than £400.  These are OK to start off with, but …

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Exercise Bikes By Price

Bladez Fitness Jet GS

Here we will look at the newest and best exercise bikes and recumbent bikes on the market. Each bike will be examined in full and we hope to guide you to your next perfect bike.  To see the difference between an upright bike and a recumbent click here. Each review will take you through the main features of the bike, any …

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Bodycraft SPX Club Indoor Cycling Bike Review

While the Bodycraft SPX Club Review has been available for a while now, we are now able to see how it has stood up to real world work and provide a comprehensive review.  We consider this to be a mid to high end bike on par with the sole SB700 or the Spinner NSX It is a first class bike, with a …

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Do I need wrist wraps for Crossfit?

Crossfit wrist wrap

Crossfit is regarded as one of the world’s most popular fitness phenomenons, combining high intensity workouts with functional training. Crossfit programs with certified trainers are held worldwide, with the majority taking place in well-equipped facilities. Workouts often include exercises such as squats, press-ups, pull ups, overhead presses and deadlifts. One of the most common questions that people have when starting …

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Merax Boxing Power Tower Review

Merax Boxing Power Tower

Merax Boxing Power Tower Review For the ultimate body workout, this power tower from Merax incorporates a tether ball and a hook for a boxing bag.  Designed to help you develop strength and muscle size in the back, arms, chest, shoulders and abs; in the comfort of your own home or garage.  This unbiased review will look at the features …

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