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Multisports Fitness 420 Commercial Training Exercise Bicycle Review

Multisport Fitness 420 Review



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When you buy a spin bike the key things to look for are a heavy, stable, fly wheel and a strong frame.  As found on the Multisports Fitness 420 Exercise Bike.

Incommon with most spinning bikes there are no frills like a computer readout.  It’s just the rider against the bike.


At 45lbs the Fitness 420 packs an impressive punch.  A heavy flywheel is what gives the smooth even feel to the bike.  It spins smoothly and seems well balanced, so even at top speed you will still feel secure and want to push harder.


The drive on this machine is a belt.  Generally I prefer a belt over a chain, most companies seem to be moving to belt drives as they are quiet and easy to maintain.


If you are familiar with spin bikes then you will recognise the resistance knob mounted on the top of the frame of the Multisports 420.  With a simple turn of the knob you can increase the pressure of the felt on the fly wheel. This makes it harder to turn the flywheel and pedals.  To remove the resistance simply reverse the turn.

There are not set stages of resistance so you will have to set it at a level that you are comfortable with, as you get stronger you can ride for longer at high resistance levels.


The saddle is good, up/down for/aft adjustment.  However the handlebars only offer up/down movement.  If you are on the big or short side then you might want to consider something like the Sole SB700

Ease of Movement

In common with other bikes, simply push down on the handlebars and the bike will pivot up onto two transport wheels.  The bike can then be effortlessly moved about a flat floor.


The chrome alloy pedals only have a toe strap.  Personally I would like to see SPD cleats, especially at this price of bike. If you have your own you could consider swapping them on.


With a frame mounted water bottle its fairly easy to access, and takes all normal bike water bottles.


Lifetime Frame and 1 year parts.


41″ x 20 ” x 41″

What are other reviews saying about the 420 Indoor trainer?

Since launch it has received lots of 5 star reviews.  Most of the positive comments were around the strenght of the frame and how easy it was to get started with the bike.  At the moment no issues.

Any Negatives:
For me its the lack of SPD cleats, this is just a personal choice and most people seem to like the toe clips.  The other issue is the lack of handlebar adjustment.


This is undoubtedly a well made bike.  For me though the lack of handlebar adjustment, the toe clips and the water bottle mount lead me to think that the Spinner Edge would be a better choice!

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